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Meeting Minutes

Wiki Meeting

Attendees Felipe, Ted, Devin, Ravi, Maneswar, Frank, Anya, Echo, Ivy, Dana, Lippi, Carol

- Discovery: Gather needs from your groups
- Pick an initial CONTENT area and work on a table of contents and needs with your fellows
- Occupy Narrative: Anya
- Wkg Grp Resources: Christian, Echo, Anya
- Inter-Occ projects: Devin, Frank, Anya
- Documentation handbook: Ted, Ravi, Echo, Carol
- Compile list of tech resources (Felipe, Ted, Carol)
- Devin- a thing on the front page

(+) = item for further discussion


- What are we doing: purpose, mission, scope

Organizing Values
- all useful information should be public; open source (Devin); eliminate redundancies (Felipe)
- importance of organizing focus- semantic layer, search tools
- careful inclusion of features so they can be supported; beware of over-complex features
- minimum requirements to get the project going;

(+) Scope of project
- documentation of how to set up an occupation
- documentation of how to join into an existing occupation
- history of each occupation

- What do we have, what do we need
- we need more information on what our working groups need and what they’re able to participate in

- Relationships with other groups and projects (in NYC, outside)
- federation with other sites
* Invite other groups to contribute

STRUCTURE of wiki (home page, etc.)
- domain location

CONTENT – Use cases
- Occupy Narratives
- Working Group Resources  (among themselves and across groups)
- Inter-occupation projects (e.g.
- Occupiers Handbook
- provide map of movement for new people getting into existing Occupy
- starting your own Occupy movement

- section for each working group, project- what they’re doing, what worked, what didn’t
- section on how to participate in wiki

- job descriptions for admins, moderators, delegation
- (+) moderation duties and assignments

- give users prompts to guide their entry into tags and categories (controlled vocab)
- software tools (semantic tools, plug-ins, MIKE 2.0, SEO
- security concerns; tools for people with surveillance concerns

- getting the word out there

Potentially related projects

Occupiers Handbook
- lessons learnt from existing occupations
- toolkit:

Honest Inventory

UN Earth Summit

Collective writing project on the movement

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