Weekly Report, Week of March 2nd 2012

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Accounting Working Group Weekly Report


Week of March 2nd 2012

In the bank account:                $122,326.71

Bail Cash on hand:                    $10,000.00

Budget Cash on hand:                 $2,031.24

Total:                                         $134,357.95


Of which:

Bail:                $89,529.99

General Fund:               $44,827.96


Raised this week: $1,556


*** at our current rate of expenditure, we will be out of money in THREE WEEKS ***


Recurring Budget Expenditures

Name of Budget

Amount of Weekly Budget

Amount Spent this week






Street Medics




Clinical Medics






Outreach Printing Budget



Facilitation WG: Meeting Space
















8 Responses to “Weekly Report, Week of March 2nd 2012”

    • Monica McLaughlin

      I am heartened to know Ravi is working to straighten out the mess made by the Finance/Accounting WG. If it is true that Haywood has resigned (to spend more time with his family). Now if we could only get rid of that rude arrogant Christine.

        • Monica McLaughlin

          You may be right; however Christine did call me a troll after being asked for financial accountability for the donor dollars. And then she said she could not be bothered with transparency because she had “real work to do”.

          But, I should let it go, because it is counter-productive to hold a grudge, especially if it causes me to go around making cryptic snarky comments. And I sound juvenile.

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    Very little of the spending goes toward movement building. It is all overhead. This means that as a non-profit OWS is VERY inefficient — very little of the donor dollars goes towards actual programs. (See Charity Navigator web site for how to define an efficient non profit.)

    Whats up with the medics? Who are they treating? There was like one case of pepper spray injury in 6 months! Not only that but we have free healthcare in NYC for the poor.

  2. Sally Marks

    @raviahmad – I just wanted to say again, thank for for your efforts. They have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I just want to thank you again.