Weekly Report: Week of March 12th, 2012

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Accounting Working Group Weekly Report Week of March 12th 2012

In the bank account: $89001.90

Bail Cash on hand: $0.00

Budget Cash on hand: $2881.85

Total: $91,882.90


Of which:

Bail: $79,519.99

General Fund: $12,362.91


Donations: $1,698

Returned Bail: $970


*** we do not have enough money to cover our budgets this week***


Recurring Budget Expenditures

Name of Budget

Amount of Weekly Budget

Amount Spent this week





Street Medics



Clinical Medics






Outreach Printing Budget



Facilitation WG: Meeting Space






Occucopy (GA)


SIS Shipping (GA)






2 Responses to “Weekly Report: Week of March 12th, 2012”

  1. DirekConek (aka Dallas)

    OK, I may as well be the first one to ask. We can haz bank statements?

    Otherwise someone might get the idea that none of the money went to feeding and housing hundreds of people, running several websites, a street team, and an office, etc.

  2. Christine

    Sure, I had the most current bank statement (as well as a printout of our account, since the bank statement didnt reflect the latest numbers from this week) when we were going to have the “WTF do we do now” conversation at GA, however GA didnt end up happening. I still have them and will bring them on Thursday.

    The bank statements, of course, dont show what the money went to, only when deposits and withdrawals were made, and for how much. However, those numbers correlate to our online record of expenditures as well as the reports we’ve been posting, and we have receipts to document most expenditures (some folks havent gotten receipts back to us, but its a pretty small proportion.)