Weekly planning meeting

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Lori, Stephen, Chrstine, Shen, Bobby, Max



*Agenda Items*

1.       Report-backs

2.       Shen’s proposed Organization Structure (Stephen)

3.       How we record what we do and can that help us define our group

4.       Our community-meeting structures & their relevance to the current
state of the movement (Max)

5.       Being at the Spokes and the GA because there’s momentum there

6.       Membership proposal (Shen)

7.       Budget for Org (Shen)

8.       Resource incubation for Messaging, DA (Shen)

9.       Volunteer recruitment for Org. and for OWS (Shen)

10.   Liaison definition and function (Shen)

11.   Other incubation/project management requirements (Shen)

12.   Discussion of *current needs for org projects* that are in process-
needs and roadblocks (Stephen)

13.   Incubate SIS – there is an emergency situation that requires
immediate attention

14.   Need temporary space for DA sign development – I’ll describe in full
at meeting

15.   Incubate christmas day dinner

16.   Posting public vs. private minutes (Ravi)

17.   Group night out (Shen)

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