Weekly Meeting Minutes – October 2 – December 4

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October 2 – Discussion on website redesign.  Update on Oct. 11 economists convergence on the usage of data and metrics for Occupy-related projects.  Discussion on putting together a list of questions for candidates Obama and Romney’s presidential debates.

October 9 – General discussion on topics including OSEC’s mission re: government regulation and citizen activism.

October 17 – Report back from Oct. 11 convergence.  Further discussion on website redesign, and also Al-Jazeera’s video on OSEC and Felix from Reuters’ piece on OSEC’s newest letter.  Covered the press release on Wells Fargo mortgage fraud case.

October 23 – Discussion on filing amicus briefs in Gabelli v. SEC and the ACLU’s case against Morgan Stanley

October 30 – No meeting – Hurricane

November 7 – Discussed money market letter and Good/Bad/Ugly posts.  Discussed press release and comment letter on money market reform process at the FSOC.  Covered an article on Occupy in FT.

November 13 – No Meeting

November 20 – Discussed data and possible letter on the regulatory burden on the SEC/CFTC relative to their budgets

November 27 – Discussed status of Gabelli amicus and the longer money market (FSOC) comment letter.  Guest from the ACLU in attendance.

December 4 – Detailed discussion on latest website iteration and twitter campaign.  Group reviewed a paper copy of the final Gabelli brief.


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