Weekly Meeting Minutes – July 31 – September 25

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July 31 – Discussed comment letter to the SEC in connection with the agency’s anticipated implementation of the deceptively-titled Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.

August 7 – Discussed conference call with Better Markets on possibilities for collaboration

August 14 – Discussed article in American Banker on regulatory overhaul.

August 21 – Discussions on Volcker Letter to House Committee on Financial Services.  Rep. Bachus has requested comment from the public on alternatives to the Volcker Rule.  Discussed how best to respond to this request.

August 28 – Talked about scheduling and allocating the writing of the various components of the Bachus-Volcker letter

September 4 – Group of students from Meiji University in Japan attended the meeting.  Discussions on financial regulation in Japan vs. the US, and popular perceptions of the efficacy of such regulation.

September 11 – Discussed S17 activities, possibilities for teach-ins and collaborations with other groups.  Talked about the coverage and response to the September 7 OSEC letter to the House Financial Services Committee re: Volcker alternatives.

September 17 – Meeting at S17 action in Zuccotti Park

September 25 – Discussed website overhaul, and JOBS Act general solicitation comment letter.  Also talked about strategy for influencing change (regulation vs. involvement in politics)


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