Weekly Meeting Minutes, 12/13/2011

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Occupy Wall Street

Photo Working Group

Minutes – 12/13/11



Meeting begins


  • NYCGA working group
  • blog
  • stolen/lost/damaged budget
  • Recap on licensing
  • Photoshelter and store concept
  • Skype – practical or not? (minor discussion, seems too impractical to ask for/carry out)
  • GA Plea – Whenever possible, get to GA: 7pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday


Razor (part of a working group?) asked for and was approved for $1250 for “McDonalds” and other things budget. Razor has not been seen as of late with the money.

  • D15 – Danny Chen March
  • D17 – Reoccupy 6th and Canal


IP (Intellectual Property)  Recap of previous week, making available for OWS, to charge or not to charge.



Affinity Group vs. Working Group : More discussion re: charging for photos

Decided: Non-commerce on public pages, individually deal with requests for images by publicly provided contact information for related photographers.

OWS blog and nycga.net- anyone can join, however only members attending the meetings can blog.


Printer ink – budget discussion/petty cash/metrocard no food/alcohol/drugs to be purchased with petty cash.


9:55pm – meeting adjourned

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