Meeting Minutes – Tech Ops 2011-12-21

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Report backs:
FGA we are working on a list of occupations, self managed, interopable. This will help with RSS news feeds. That will build out into FGA
Charles – why don’t we have a master list yet
Devin – We don’t have enough volunteers
Lippe – It’s more than a spreadsheet, it will be a widget
– We have a dev instance up. We will have n interface to add process to collecting occupy – we have some wireframes – Dev meeting tomorrow at 4pm Skype.
Devin – Monday night – content meeting
Office hardware
Philip is heading this up. To buy some notebooks and moniters – we need a staging area to build stuff (we should talk to SIS) – Kobi has the money – Lippi has space
7pm Monday @ 60 wall st. Content meeting
4pm Skype meeting for
  • Re-evaluate Spokes Walkout proposal.
  • Designate Spoke
  • Techops endorsement of Matt’s remote fun-time
  • Slaps on the hands of anyone using the term “Super Tech”, whether followed by “Ops” or not
  • budget
  • hosting – toms
  • outstanding out-of-pocket expenses
  • 855-NYCGA-411 operating costs from January 1st onwards
  • Training
  • Brazil
  • Office Hours
  • Metro card point person
  • Anti Racism Allies
  • Talk about the word Occupy
  • Break out meetings for mature projects
  • Proposal to hold a town hall style Tech Ops forum
Spokes – discussion: 
Group wants to keep going and feels no need to discuss.
Designate Spoke:
Liza = Wednesday
Drew = Friday
Move to discuss at a later time.
* It appears the unconference was a net positive so no fundraising is neccissary.
Brasil Campus Party
* December 30th deadline
* Topic is “social media and web tech’s impact on OWS.”
* Options for selection:
** Presentations and voting
** Randomized selection of nominees
** Approximately a dozen people want to go
* Tues night: 500 words bios/proposals due on
* Wed the 28th @6pm.- voting in person to decide who is going based on proposals
Anti-Racism/Privellege Community Management
60 Wall Office Hours
Metro Card Point People
* Housing at 150 metrocards per week
* 1 point person per group distributes them
form signed gives you the right to stand in line from 6-9pm @ 60 Wall street
* Ravi is metrocard point person
Hardware Intake Existing Budget Logistics
Server and TechOps Budget
* See proposal on the forum
* DataGram,
* Panix is actually a reseller
* Drew offers to help build consensus with GA for proposal
* Drew has a VPS in Iceland which can be used for sensitive data
* Severs,
* Daily allowance
* Three sets of servers: (1) DataGram and Server Hardware, (2) Non-sensative data cloud hosting envrionemnts, (3) sensative data servers
* Explanation of current infrastrcture
* We complete a Capital and Operating Budget for tech ops by Dec 30, which will include domain name purchases, hardware, hosting SLAs, etc
* Jan 4 we begin preparing proposal to GA
purchasing server for co-location + $250/mo for Datagram
~$2/mo for development
Cloud hosting for development and 1 off projects
secure hosting outside of borders
* – will create training videos for NYCGA.NET
Project Management:
* Bettermeans –
Agenda items tabled for next week:
  • Determining representation on Spokes

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