Web Site Mystery — Posting at “Movement Building” goes missing from Activity Lists

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Poster has positive karma. Member in OK standing. Valid, indexed REPLY message vaporizes so it doesn’t appear in Activity or email communication streams.

My, my.

Looks to be this web site is getting tweaked to serve hidden interests. Also, it’s not a big stretch to suspect that this mucking around inside the web site could be connected to some one person, anyway, in the bunch that posted the “MRG” complaint letter.

Here is the link for the overall topic:



The page that has the posting:


I’d gone back, edited and re-grammared it. My quickie-writing style sucks. Fixed for clarity.

And here is the text of the posting:

My, my. This is quite the discussion. I have only two two-bit contributions to add to what has been said.

First thing, getting individual projects financed (using OWS NYC connection as leverage) has been going on for months. I sat through one such preliminary application for funding that projected a $300,000+ budget. This proposal was going to produce high-tech media presentations. It is possible that some on the list have a personal interest in retaining their value going forward.


Second, this organization still lacks rudimentary quality control. Management goes by who is best at passive aggression. The wilder the better, sorta. One result of this laxness has been a repeated series of false claims about what the General Assembly has decided.

I can identify one obvious example that damaged this web site and severed connections to 500 to a 1,000 OWSers. The resource, online and loose affinity Groups were deleted — on a false claim that the December 20th meeting of GA voted it — where none of these pages were serving the “Tea Party” or “Paulists” or other interlopers. Hearing “I-really-like-your-page-but-the-G-A-has-decided” from the person who did the page kills was nauseating.

Tell me that General Assembly knowing voted to erase Occupy Nonviolence and its links to Gandhi and Dr. King assets from people all over the world. Really ??? That person who executed this erase-the-pages attack is on the list of complainers, prominently. So I will take this round of attacks on whatever “MRG” is doing with a grain of salt. As matters stand I cannot imagine “MRG” going in and trashing 50-odd pages of OWSer low-voltage community pages and baldly lying about it.


We threw $23,000 into this OWS effort back early. Way early. “We” is a group of friends who had worked at World Trade Center. I have no bitch whatsoever with what the OWS folks did with it. (And on March 17th I’ll be out at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is where you would be if you guys understood reaching out to New Yorkers. It’s the largest parade in town that doesn’t have giant balloons and national teevee.)

EDIT ::: This posting does not show up on the running Activity lists for either Movement Building or the nycga.net site. Jarrett’s posting that follows it is on the listings. Sally’s posting from in front of it is also on the listings. Somebody’s in there having fun, eh?

Best to all — we are the 99% and we must go in peace.


My, my… indeed.

3 Responses to “Web Site Mystery — Posting at “Movement Building” goes missing from Activity Lists”

  1. Tom Gillis

    The site’s been up and down for the last 12 hours or so. We may have lost database content around 11PM last night and 8:30 this morning due to the hard drive on one of our servers running out of space. Sorry if you lost a post – try reposting and let somebody in the Tech Ops forum know if you’re still having problems.

  2. vets74

    Sorry, Tom, but that’s not how databases work.

    The first step of a database COMMIT process is that a re-do log record is posted to a memory buffer and from there to a separate ARCHIVE disk file that can be used to reconstruct the database in event of a failure. This posting COMMITed.

    All “lost database content” can be recovered — and is recovered automatically with a “bounce” by stopping and restarting the database. This is the case for every commercial and open source database system with which I am familiar.

    Disk files are also set up to expand automatically. With a text system, predominantly, and a few hundred users, the size of the whole site has trouble getting to 10 gigabytes. 1 gigabyte is more like it.

    A 2-terabyte WD Caviar Green WD20EARS costs you $136.95 on Amazon.


    The initial posting cited here was COMMITed to the database system. It had to be COMMITed to get the index number. No error message was generated.

    Misdeeds by Tech personnel are fairly obvious. Postings are deleted. Groups are erased/deleted/removed with a claimed approval from GA dated to 20-DECEMBER-2011. There’s more, which is under investigation.

    Sabotage? A fantasy? Well, last fall we had an open pail of gasoline appear in Zuccotti Park next to the media center. That had at least a gallon of gas. Add a detonator and a gallon of gasoline is equivalent to a dozen sticks of dynamite. Ruin your entire afternoon. Big buck righties are often successful because they are thugs/criminals. The likes of the Murdoch Gang.

    Infiltrating this web site would go off as a priority for any anti-OWS hard-core rightie organization — made easier by your denial. “There’s no such thing as infiltration” is much easier that thinking matters through.

    When I see this posting come up on my screen, I will know that it has COMMITed and been written to the online ARCHIVE log file. The database file, itself, will be written to disk ASAP.

    Best to all —

  3. vets74

    The web site is messed up. The HTML page that should have returned the previous message did not return from the site’s server. I had to hand-edit the URL and pull a page using this string:


    WordPress and Buddypress are relatively simple open source code. The APIs are designed to be plain-dirt simple.

    MySQL – This is a database that stores all of the information you enter into WordPress. The title, content, and data (author, time, categories, etc) for each post or page are all stored in the database. MySQL works exactly as I describe for all the major databases. Ajax is also a standard Oracle product, another freebie.

    Unfortunately, plug-in disasters are easy to manufacture. Fixing plug-in disasters is usually easy. You back ’em out.

    Reinstallation is also available as one simple alternative. The MySQL database is preserved in either case.