We Must Come Together Towards A Common Idea/Goal Or Were Fighting For Nothing!!

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Is this mentality growing? The struggle isn’t new its just the breath that fills our lungs and the hammering of the heart that remains the only constant in this life. It’s the checklist for life and if your currently experiencing both of these phenomenon’s I am here to welcome you to the club of life and struggle.  You can’t have one without the other and anyone that will argue against that fact of life hasn’t lived enough life to know. This is world isn’t easy…. Sometimes I wonder how there aren’t millions of homeless people wondering around aimlessly through the night. How do we all make it work in a world that holds no guarantees? Its time for man to be better! Its time for man to move beyond a world that is controlled by the few and the wealthy but maintained and placed on the shoulders of the working class. I’m a man that can no longer sit back and look out to a world I hold no stake in and have no claim or voice in. We are the many and they are the few and that simple fact is the key to our inevitable success. We need to realize change isn’t a banner or a catchphrase for a clever campaign add, change is in our hands and if we want it all we have to do is stand up and take it. This is our time and I refuse to bend for a world that wont bend for us! Come together…. If you could only see… The world is in your hands and no amount of money or power can take that away from us. Do you really think this is Democracy? The American system is not a democracy by definition it is a republic and that is simply a fact. Politicians throw around the word Democracy because it’s a romantic and inspiring idea but the truth is far from any democracy. The truth is America has slowly belittled any amount of democracy in our system by placing systems like the Electoral College in our place to make all the big decisions for us because they’re afraid of us. Its time for us to act together and bring this oppression to a swift stop and give this country back to its people. Giving Americans more democracy couldn’t ever be considered a mistake and since there really isn’t anything more American than democracy its not controversial or really even arguable. It seems like my opponent has already sold my solution for me without realizing it. Every American is raised believing democracy is sacred but as we grow older we quickly realize democracy is just a clever catch phrase and any amount of Democracy in America has been taken from the people leaving us completely disconnected from the powers that rule us.

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