Volunteer Services Meeting 1/1/12

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Attendees: Ravi, Alex, Arthur, Christine, Adam

Ravi reads off agenda items from google group thread
– Name change can be postponed til more people
– Focus on Budget issues for this meeting, one hour (115-215)

Budget stuff
– Ravi begins by laying out the issues:
* expenditures from past GA proposal that were not consistent with what was consistent with what was consensed and posted onĀ nycga.net
* questions about New York Youth Alternatives Inc.- receipts marked with their name, relationship not clear, not listed with IRS as a non-profit
* GA is discussing hiring an external accounting firm to make sure our finances are in order.
* The issues that have arisen with this behaviour have exposed the group and the movement to a great deal of risk.

Ravi therefore proposes that Alex be removed as financial point person

Alex declares that he is leaving the group. He declares that Christine and “Carey Haywood” will be served with papers for slander. He declares that OWS will not be able to use the Harlem space.

Alex and Arthur leave the meeting.
Ravi, Christine and Adam continue the meeting.
Consensus: Alex has voluntarily left the group. We will write up an incident report and let Accounting, Facilitation and the Work Space Affinity Group know that he is no longer associated with our group. Due to the issues outlined, alex will not be welcomed back into the group without consensus from current active members at an open meeting.
Proposal: Financial point people will be Christine and Ravi? This can always be changed at a later point, and should be readdressed when there are more people present.
Meeting Adjourned.

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