Visions & Goals Meeting 12/31/11

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Vision and Goals

 Meeting Minutes 12/31/2011

60 Wall Street

1:30 p.m.


In attendance: 100% Quorum

  • Michael K
  • Lea
  • Yoni / Facilitator
  • Lisa / Minutes
  • Jack
  • Shoshannah / Stack
  • Patrick
  • Kate
  • Sumumba
  • Michael H
  • Pat



Continue working on the Vision Statement


  • Yoni read the VS aloud to the group so that it can be treated and brought before the GA.
    • Jack objected to the use of the word ‘equality’.
    • Lisa objected to using any of Framer’s language such as ‘unalienable’.
    • Shoshanna said that the VS should be re-ordered to reflect the positive things first
    • Michael read 2 statements by Dgorge, asking whether they should be included
      • Open Non-Proprietary Technologies – whereby the wonderful and useful creations of our human intellect are made available to all in order to improve and fulfill their lives and activities and where no technology is by law withheld from the use of people of the society merely to further the ends of one person a corporate entity.
      • Interdependent Sustainable Economies – whereby economies and human systems work interdependently in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition and where the sole function of any economy is to serve the people rather than enslave them. Where our economic structures are regulated to prevent damage and sustain and regulate the true world bank: nature.
      • Consensus was reached to review the statements
        • Lisa felt they were well-expressed but redundant – many twinkles
        • Michael suggested we incorporate the parts we liked
        • Shoshanna took a temp. check for consensus
          • •The group consensus was to work with the 2 new statements
          • Michael re-read the 2nd passage before stack was formed
          • Stack
            • Jack objected to the view on technology; he found the concept difficult to work with
            • •Some side conversations about the importance of Open Source.
            • Shoshannah clarified the meaning of the statement through the sentiment behind the words. Twinkles!
            • Jack said he still objected to the word.
            • Lisa said that Shoshannah’s explanation was excellent and that we should use what we could from the statement to express the sentiments that Shoshannah pointed to.
            • Michael defends the idea that people who have innovated technologies should be able to make some money on it. (down-twinkles)
              • •More side conversations on Open Source.
              • Shoshannah wants it to reflect that the human mind is great and that no corporation should be able to own ideas; she also brought up the subject of copyrights.
          • Michael talked about those who have created something great should be paid but there should be rules about it.
            • Lisa objected to making rules like that because they are about controlling through money.
          • Yoni spoke about all of the time ordinary citizens devote towards helping the public, developing Open Source projects and services that are free to use such as Mozilla; he reminded the group that the VS is not a political document, and that it should be more about the greatness of our hearts. Twinkles!
            • Shoshannah reminds us about years in the past when large efforts and many organizations sprang up across the nation that were devoted to helping others and all of that has been replaced with the idea of making money.

          The group took a short break to eat.

          • •The group re-convenes and takes a temp. check to continue or table the discussion
            • •There was a consensus to continue.
          • Michael re-read the statement again.
            • Jack felt that we were getting ahead of ourselves by making solutions for potential problems and that ideas on patents and copyrights didn’t belong in a VS.
            • Shoshannah reminded the group that we are working on the Visions not the Goals.
            • Patrick concurred with Jack that it was too early to be considering these issues; they are not Visions but Goals.
          • Kate said that she didn’t understand patents and how they were different from copyrights
          • •Some side conversations to help clarify things for Kate.
          • Michael insisted that patents were not a good thing – like for the HIV drug; millions of people are alive today because people found ways to limit the use of the patent to obstruct to access to life saving medications.
          • Sumumbasaid that if someone had these technologies that people needed in order not to die that they should free and that compensation could be in any form, not solely financial.
            • Kate said that now she understood why OWS is not a political movement. Twinkles.
            • Yoni suggests that we should use a more open, visionary approach and that re-ordering could be used to reflect that.
              • Shoshannah proclaimed that efforts for the public good are more important than individual gain. Twinkle Tsunami!
              • Michael read a more clarified statement that reflected the issues we felt needed to be amended.
                • Sumumbra agreed with the group but was of two minds as he reminds us of the many African American jazz musicians whose work, through history, had been ripped off and appropriated.
                • Patrick felt that all the new content already exists in the VS
                • •The group consensed that we would take a few days to work on it by incorporating the good things from the statements and leave the idea of patents for the Goals Statement.
                  • Michael said that he will tell Dgorge about this and that some of the ideas we will save for the GS.

          Patrick and Jack had to leave.

          The meeting adjourned at 3:55.

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