Vision & Goals Breakout Session minutes from 10-31-2011

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Proposed Agenda Items


1. The hierarchy of values/visions/mission/statement

2. We must identify the fundamental problem(s) of society.  What is the problem?

3. The 4 Cs: What is capital? What is a corporation? What is a commodity?

4. Timeline

5. A universal, all-encompassing goal

6. Proposal of “general welfare”

7. What challenges might we face in addressing the public?

8. How to facilitate conversation both in person and over the internet?

9. Reform or revolution?

10. Two minutes of grandstanding


Agenda Items Discussed

1. Two minutes of grandstanding by some guy who claims to have a solution to all of society’s ills


Laundry list of items from a 32-page thesis covered in such a hasty fashion as to render them impossible to record


2. How to facilitate conversation both in person and over the internet?


Speak slowly, let words sink in.


Perhaps sub-group of this group determine best procedures for facilitation process.


“Release your baggage, and the baggage of past discussions” — communicating and developing dialogue techniques.


Think not as a particular group, but think as “the country.”


No matter what we do…this democracy doesn’t work.  We need to find a solution.  I don’t think language of changing the structure


Frustration with process.  Hamstrung by merely talking about philosophical, existential question.  We have to start writing.


We need someone to process the information.  We need to delegate.


Eventually we need to stop having a discussion about how we are going to have the discussion.  Otherwise it becomes proceduralism über alles, where we never even arrive at the things we want to discuss, because we can’t stop discussing how to discuss it.


Temperature check on holding off on report-back until next session.  Positive.


A sense of humility is “super-important.”  An ability to foster a sense of trust.  People must feel like they can really open up and share their concern.


Sympathize with 1. the idea of writing down ideas, and 2. not having negative hand gestures while speaking


Three-step guide to facilitate discussion — Step 1: creating an environment for discussion.  Step 2: create a procedure for discussion.  Step 3: discuss agenda items.

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