Minutes for 12/18/2011 Vision & Goals Meeting

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Vision & Goals
12/18/2011 Meeting
Attendees: Michael, Sati, Frank, Rich W, Shoshana, +2 people whose names I don’t remember.
Location: Full Shilling Pub, 160 Pearl Street, NYC 10005
Time: approx. 1:00pm-4:00pm
(abbreviated minutes supplied by Frank).
Item 1) We started by discussing language for the Vision drafts, specifically in the preamble (which we found to be problematic) and the “Self-Government” paragraph (which we liked), and we consensed on removing some of the weaker language from the beginning of the preamble to make it stronger and more concise, with the result as follows.
Preamble: We, the people of Occupy Wall Street, in solidarity with the peoples of the world, gather to reaffirm our inalienable rights. Our political and economic systems are broken. Corruption is rampant and our political representatives are for sale to the highest bidders. Our government is no longer one “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Today, we must remember the lessons of history, restore human dignity, and begin anew to build the bonds of trust and goodwill among all. From the General Assembly to the people of the world, we offer a Declaration of our Vision.
SELF-GOVERNMENT: whereby we, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus, all are encouraged to take on civic responsibility and participate in decision making, and the use of General Assemblies by the people, where all voices are welcome to be heard, is expanded to every level of decision making, bringing people together locally, nationally, and even worldwide;
Item 2) We then spent the rest of the time on the topic of how crucial it is to break through some of the gridlock and get our first task (the Vision statement) completed, so we can then move on to the more important and difficult task of Goals. We agreed that progress on the Vision drafts is being undermined by too many small meetings, especially on weeknights, where a handful of V&G attendees are actually undoing work done at previous meetings by different handfuls of V&G attendees.
We also agreed that what we need is to have a big meeting on a weekend date where we can get everybody to come and make some lasting decisions about the language, similar to the monumental Saturday, Nov.19 meeting attended by some 40-50 people where we hammered out the final details of an earlier draft.
We consensed upon a proposal, to be presented by Michael at the next V&G meeting, which involves calling for Sunday, January 8, 2012, to be an extended “do or die” working session for everyone to attend and to work through any and all issues until the Vision statement is completed. We agreed we would basically commit to working as long as it takes on that day until the job is done. With the 3 weeks remaining before that date, the group could finish up any outreach to build consensus in the movement for the Vision we are creating.

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