Vision and Goals Working Group minutes 5-12-12

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Meeting took place at 60 Wall Stret 5-12-12









Focus: Purpose Statement for OWS Visions & Goals –

Document was read aloud by each attendee to meeting. Document consented on by group. Rich and Tony then spoke about goals and their presentation to the General Assembly. Document was created by Lisa, Djorge and Christian on May 10, 2012. Afterward statement was read aloud. Cynthia joined group.

Group then consented on Visions and Goals Purpose statement, then went into a brief discussion about Values Based Consenus/Decision Making Process. Bill, Sumumba and Djorge-spoke further about values based consensus and explained process to Richard.


Group will bring brainstorm ideas for goals for next meeting on Tuesday, Sumumba mentioned strategies with connect other WG’s and, GA’s ….Richard also said he would write an ‘unvision’ statement and present to group at next meeting. This statement would be about what What we are ‘for ‘ versus what we are ‘against’.


Duration of meeting 6:00pm-7:08pm

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