V&G Minutes from 1/12/12

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Vision And Goals Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2012
60 Wall Street
100% Quorum
Meeting commenced at 5:45
Members in attendance:
Patrick – Facilitator
Jane – Stack
Lisa – Minutes
Sati, Hermes, Itzak, Michael H., Sumumbra, Connie, Rich, Michael
Michael H. will be the Facilitator for the next meeting on Sunday the 16th.
The group continued to work on the Visions Statement – went over the comments from the past few GAs.
Patrick reminds everyone that we are to bring the latest version to the GA that evening so it important to stay OT – in the interest of time.
Sumumbra stated that we are very close.
From the comments:
Comment # 1 was unintelligible
Comment # 2:
The group went through the comments and began with a discussion on the term “liberty” as opposed to ‘Freedom” –
Sati said that we should keep the bulleted items as they are for the moment.
Rich and Patrick felt it should be left the way it is.
Richard said that we should change all of the negative statements to more positive wording.
Connie felt that the word ‘civil’ is redundant, as human rights are the same thing – under the ‘liberty’ section.
There was a temperature check to see whether we should change the term – it was mixed.
Itzak said that we should bring this issue to the GA.
Comment # 3: asking to insert  “we see the growing economic inequality as an injustice that must be overcome”
Hermes said that this was a goal not a vision.
Itzak felt the term ‘broken’, in the preamble, should be changed – he did not like that word.  He suggested the term ‘manifest’ to show that wealth is power and democracy belongs to the highest bidder.
Hermes said that we should use the term ‘collapsed’ instead of broken.
Lisa read her contribution on how the political and economic systems have merged.
Itzak disagrees to the language and said the premise is incorrect.
Sati and Connie agree with Itzak.
There was a temperature check to table this – given the time restraints.
Rich offered some quick suggestions to the preamble.
Patrick recalled there was, at some point,  a statement about healing the injustices of the past that we should bring back.
Richard supports that.
Time to get to the GA.
The meeting adjourned at 7:10

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