V&G Meeting Minutes – 4/28/2012

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V&G Meeting Minutes –
60 Wall Street Atrium
Meeting convened at 5:45 pm
In attendance:
Report backs:
Lisa – made a new logo for the NYCGA b/c group is redefining itself – a new logo is a visual indicator of this – maybe spark some interest – temp check to post it in V&G on NYCGA to propose it at wg meeting for consensus.  Twinkles.  It will be posted on NYCGA.
Lisa –  read 2 letters this week regarding former occupiers, POC, criticizing OWS for personal racist, misogynist experiences – very disturbing – she is organizing convos re this and will reach out to authors of letters and those with info on the sexual assault incidences in Zuccotti last summer.
Djorje – told group about National General Assembly in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012.  They invited V&G to attend to talk about visioning nationally.
  • value-based consensus  – intro, teach in, discussion
  • practice VBC with an exercise using current VS to extrapolate Objectives categories
  • purpose – discussion on Statement of Purpose
Lisa did a teach in on Values-Based Consensus followed by a discussion and Q & A.
Djorje proposed a mock VBC exercise using VS to build list for categories of Objectives and Goals
Lisa  will bottom-lined the Goals proposal for the mock VBC exercise at Thursdays meeting.
Listserve – made a list of all those who would like to be added to the Listserve.
Sumumba made an announcement that on May Day Sunset Park GA will be meeting Red Hook GA at 4th Ave and 36th St. and will end up in Union Square at 4:00.
Meeting adjourned at 7:45.

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