V&G Meeting Minutes 3-8-12

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V&G Meeting Minutes 3-8-12
6o Wall Street
100% Quorum
Meeting Convened at 5:50pm
In attendance:
Lisa – Minutes
Djorje – Facilitator
Tony – Stack
  • Discuss the new sources from the GA breakout groups on the time machine to the future.
  • Discuss the online version of the VS.
  • Meeting times
  • The last condensed VG January 24th
  • Djorje’s proposal for closure with the GA on the last VS
Topic :Djorje’s proposal
Djorje explains his idea for the GA where they would go over the VS and the GA would get into groups according to the way that they voted, i.e. – up twinkles, stand asides.  He would be doing it for closure not consensus.  He would like to film it as well as create a final product with the VS under a  clear overlay that is marked with individuals from the GA and how they voted.
  • Itzak – need more than one GA, two – maybe three
  • Lisa – great idea – GA will be taking responsibility for their votes – not just blocking then leaving
  • Itzak – proposal needs to be really organized for Facilitation
  • FA – if it is a dense schedule at the GA – take one or two bullet points – since you are not going for consensus
  • Naz – Agreed – should do parts of it  – it will take too long
  • Itzak – adamantly against taking individual bullet points to the GA – it is not an exercise – it will take forever
  • Naz – wants it to be a discussion – revolution takes a long time
  • Itzak – says he cannot continue like this – one bullet at a time – he says it is a waste of time
  • Djorje – he will bring it to the GA on Saturday
Sumumba made an announcement that he will have the metro cards tomorrow.
People who need metro cards:
  • Sumumba
  • Lisa
  • Michael H
  • Djorge
  • Marie
Topic: Meetings schedule
  • Itzak explains the schedule’s history
  • Lisa – you should make it a proposal and put it on the WG online agenda and then bring the prop to the next meeting – we should adhere to the process
  • Itzak want to make it a 3 week schedule for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5:30 and Saturday will be a think tank
Tony will be the Facilitator at the Saturday WG meeting
Meeting adjourned at 7:30

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