V&G Meeting 03/15/2012 60 Wall Street

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Here are the minutes:
V&G Meeting   03/15/2101
60 Wall Street
Meeting Convened at 5:55
100% Quorum
In attendance:
Naz – Facilitator
Lisa – Minutes
Tony – Stack
Original statement at GA – Djorje’s proposal
Consensus Method
New version of statement
1st Agenda item: Djorje’s proposal
Djorje – I contacted Facilitation to do GA several times – but never heard back – so it’s not possible for tonight.  We should just discuss the plan.
Itzak – 2 things  – we want a whole session at the GA – also we want a good facilitators for this process
Satie – Doesn’t understand why we have to do the whole thing in two GAs.
Djore – it is necessary to understand the concept behind this process.  What info we can get from the GA for the way individual decisions manifest.
Sati – Why don’t we do the other v.s instead?
Itzak – wants closure on the 1/24 V.S.
Djore – they are 2 different statements.  We should do the first one  – a lot of time and effort is in the V. S. – We should bring some closure to it.
Sati – has concerned about bringing this forward for closure – gathering data -se should put it online
Lisa – we should just have a conversation with the GA about their feelings about it – we have source material going forward for other statements from this document.
Tony – POI – someone can see it online and want to change it
Sati – – should bring both V.S. to the GA
Lisa – need to be more proactive going forward – we want feedback for the first V.S. and that is it – it is not up for consensus.
2nd Agenda item: The new ‘time-machine’ V.S.
Lisa – We want to bring it in a proactive way –  go a several times and present it – not for consensus – but for collaboration – all the work we do on it is done at the GA
Itzak – We should tell them where it comes from – that all of the content was taken from break out groups at the GA
Itzak -FA -There are some editorial mistakes – I think we should clean up the duplicate entries.
Lisa – I will fix it
Consensus  reached
Itzak – we must work now
temp check: we will work on it later
3rd Agenda item:  Consensus Discussion: there is a handout to be read
Sati – explains the reading
Djorje – explains about values and process
Lisa – explains as well
Itzak – this works with some groups – we have no common values
Lisa – yes, we all have common values  – they are important – like the Principals and the S of A
Djorje – Values are how you define yourself as a group – helps to resolve issues – we do what is best for the group – everyone will grow – unity
Bill – we are diverse –  we should read it – not make highlights
Sati –  what brought us together is 99% 1%
Lisa – Bill is right – I will put the PDF on line and put the link on the list serve.
Announcement: Metro cards needed for Djorje, Lisa, Sumumba, Micheal, Marie
Meeting adjourned at 7:15.
Can someone post this on NYCGA?  Is it possible that Admin can allow me to upload docs, as I do the minutes quite often?
Thank you, all!
Lisa Rubenstein

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