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Regular Meeting

November 3, 2011

Members Present: Peter D., Dorje, Leia, Janelle, Patrick, Abe, David G.

Meeting convened at 12:00p.m.

The meeting begins with 1 minute of respectful silence.

Consensus is reached around reviewing the sorted GA feedback document.

General discussion opens around the table. Some of the issues raised are as follows. War – the groups generally urged we work to create a world without fear. Debate ensued concerning the question of policy vs. principles – nonviolence generally vs. ending wars for profit; rights to self-defense (the police have reportedly encouraged rapists and other criminals to enter the Zucotti Park recently. What should OWS do to protect itself?); defining the terms of nonviolence. Additionally, it is noted that OWS now has multiple documents – what is the relationship between them? Perhaps we should attempt to convene the authors of the competing documents in a meeting to discuss joining forces. Leia suggests that we look at the sorted feedback in light of the visions, goals & actions suggestions made in previous meetings. Two breakout groups are formed to analyze points 3 and 4.


Janelle reports for the group that looked at point 4. We need a systematic change in values taught in schools. Teach children throughout the grades to feel personally responsible for the environment and the way money is spent in the nation. Free education from kindergarten through Post PHD. Free access to education- academic or a trade skill – ensures everyone a chance to achieve the American dream. We need to stop being consumers and become citizens. (boycott shopping season following the sermons of Reverend Billy’s Stop Shopping Church). The General Assemblies technique of direct democracy needs to be taught in schools and installed in all levels of government. The group noted that many of the 9 points in the document overlap and we should work next meeting to incorporate them together for a coherent document. Some members offered to summarize other points from the “Break-out..” document in order to move the process along.

Report from the group that looked at point 3 unavailable.

Meeting ends at 2:00p.m.

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