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Hey Everyone,

Please read email and email your needs so i or ronny can submit them to the office group.

This is posted on the website, but as usual, please forward it on to your people. Thanks!!

Bianca, Evangelina, and Gregg

We held an open community meeting at 60 Wall street today with about 30 people in attendance as well as livestreaming. We explained our current situation (as previously presented here), responded to questions, and heard feedback and ideas about the office situation and OWS spaces in general. Lastly, we discussed ideas for the way forward. Following the open meeting, we invited point people for adhered working groups to stay on and discuss possible uses for the space during this interim period.

Given what we heard today and the current situation, we would like to move forwards as follows:

We are meeting with building management again on Monday where we will discuss our needs as well as their expectations of us moving forward. Much will depend on any new information coming from this meeting. However, in preparation for the week ahead, we are considering ways of making use of the space for OWS during this time of limited capacity. The things we are keeping in mind (and request you do as well) are :

We are currently running at a capacity of 18 people.
Accounting hours are between 1pm-5pm Tuesday-Saturday and take up about 8 slots at any given time; WSAG will have at least one member here at all times, leaving space for about 8 people in the afternoon.
Energy spent managing the space for very few people vs. energy spent finding a new (better) space. If we stay closed, but allow access to a small group of people to get at least some good work done, we need to do it in such a way that isn’t a huge logistical challenge for WSAG.
Given all of this, we are asking point people of Working Groups that are adhered to the space take the time to fill out this form by Monday, January 16th, 3pm to outline their needs for the office as specifically as possible for the week ahead. Based on these requests, we will determine if and how we can best serve the needs of adhered working groups during the week ahead.

Our next update will come Monday night, where we will outline a specific access plan.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Bianca, Evangelina, and Gregg

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