Updated Political Action and Impact Statement

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This statement will outline our agenda and guide our actions.

Political Action and Impact  (working group of OWS/NYCGA)


This statement has been issued by the Political Action and Impact working group of Occupy Wall Street. Our purpose here is to create a general yet focused understanding of the aims of this group. This document does not represent all the goals and concerns of all the members of OWS. We are hoping everyday people will come to understand who we are and how our goals are in their interests. We are letting politicians, parties, political professionals, and lobbyists know that we are here, growing stronger every day, and that what they read below is our agenda for the future.


  • To put the democratic process in service of the people so that politicians listen and respond to our voices, not corporate campaign contributions or the excessive influence of the 1%.


  • To have a government that is concerned for and responsive to all its constituents, providing certain securities and supports which allow them to flourish and be productive. This should include basic guaranteed rights for education, food, healthcare, housing, social security, and work.


  • To have a transparent and proportionate tax code in which all people and businesses pay their fair share. No more loopholes for millionaires and the one percent; no more special treatment for capital gains and foundations.


  • To end the idea, and legal practice, that corporations have the same rights as people. To regulate the banking, financial, and investment industries so, that while such businesses may make profits and accrue wealth, they must act legally and be held accountable for their own actions and failings. This specifically means that corporate failures don’t drag down the general public, the 99%, or the government. Also, that the wealth in America be more equitably distributed through more fairly balanced wages, benefits, etc.


  • To significantly reduce the defense budget and require a rigid financial audit of all defense contractors, not only to reduce the deficit and use the money for more constructive purposes, but also to put an end to imperial practices which do more harm to America than good.
  • To develop and implement ways in which communities collectively manage their budgets, so that politicians and technocrats cease to treat public monies as theirs for personal and pet project spending.


  • To recognize that our planet Earth is not just a commodity to be plundered for the profits of the 1%. Human beings, and all living things, depend on the planet Earth for our very lives and we should treat the environment with the care and respect due to the sacred source of our existence. Our government should be more concerned with the maintenance of the environment than the privileges and profits of a select few.


Do not assume that the issuance of this statement means we are seeking to engage in politics as usual.  Our whole point is we will no longer tolerate politics as usual.  These are not demands we place upon the government so much as a description of the fair and just society we seek, a society that the government should play an important role in realizing, instead of pursuing policies that, by their very design, fail to meet the concerns of the 99%. The aforementioned goals will be pursued vigorously, both within the system and without.  We will be active in the political arena and marching on the streets.  We will debate when able and agitate if necessary. We call on the people of this country, indeed, of the world, to organize, to engage their governments, to march on the streets and the centers of power. The time has come for a new political order based on the needs of those most affected by the decisions of political institutions. We are patient in that we will remain steadfast in our struggle; we will not be patient in the face of typical bureaucratic sloth, political shenanigans, and attempts to nullify progress on these issues.


Contact info: 1smleonard@gmail.com     political-action-and-impact@googlegroups.com


One Response to “Updated Political Action and Impact Statement”

  1. jack siler

    no more special treatment for capital gains and foundations.

    Not sure what “foundations” you were thinking of, but there are arts, educational and benevolent foundations that DO deserve special treatment. Those foundations are the only way the 1% has of returning some of their gains to the 99%. Perhaps you need to be more specific.