Unified Voice message to the US Congress

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Jan 3, 2012.  The Council did not come to a unified place regarding this proposal.  So this message has not been sent out.   I am leaving it here for now as a historical reference.

 I would like to propose the following message be sent to the US Congress from the Council of OWS Elders.  When we add the term ‘Unified Voice’ to a message, it means that the entire Council is in agreement with this message.  I am posting this on Sunday evening, December 18th, 2011.  It will be open for comment and revision until December 31, 2011.  If the council agrees on the wording of this message by January 1st, 2012 then I will send it out. 


I will start a discussion in the forum section.



To The Congress of the Untied States of America:

We, the Council of OWS Elders, sends this message to the Congress of the United States of America with a ‘Unified Voice’. This message is from only one group on the Occupy Movement and may not represent the views of everyone in the Movement.

The Council of OWS Elders respectfully asks the Congress of the United States of America to voluntarily adopt consensus as their decision making process. As a demonstration of this commitment to consensus we also ask that the seating in both Houses of Congress be assigned in a time changing, random location manner that is not along party lines.



The Council of OWS Elders

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  1. Steve Scher

    ahhhhh….no comments…..
    well…..if i recall from the first document consensus requires no time constraint……it is worth the wait
    so i respect the deadlines set…..
    but the thought is both an historical referance as is written……and an idea which never dies……