Two Paragraph Mission Statement with a different look where we are

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WHY? and a two paragraph mission statement.


Why has the OWS expanded all over the earth in a few weeks?


Why has a diverse group of people stayed together in the ‘Visions and Goals’ Group?


What have been the group’s stumbling blocks?


How can the Vision Statement reflect what is working and what is not working? Perhaps we are demonstrating the answers and they are right under our noses.


I would suggest that the following attributes have led to the movement’s rapid growth.

a) we do not have leaders. b) we are operating on consensus. c) we are expressing total freedom. d) we have not defined ourselves so everyone can fit in with their own personal idea of who we are and how they fit. e) we have created a totally open cultural basket with few rules f) we are allowing every voice to be heard. g) we have not told the other Occupy locations what to do, We are demonstrating a new social context our way and they are doing it their way. h) we have created a universal think tank.


I would suggest that we sit thru these high energy meetings together because we all realize that the social, economic, political & environmental systems are failing. We are committed to change. We love the earth. Each of us is being heard. Nobody’s ideas are outright rejected. We are demonstrating a process that is the answer.


I would suggest that we are having so much trouble defining the vision statement because it can’t be defined. At least not in the way that we have been trained to think, a progression of logic in the English language. Bob mentioned the different approach that Calvin, the Dakota Elder, used in his talk to us. He also mentioned that the west uses linear thought and the east uses circular thought. How can we get out of the mind trap created by our own cultural and linguistic limitations? Perhaps the answer is a simple statement of what is, without any attempt to define goals. Turn the power of the people loose on the problems with total freedom. Creating definitions as our western minds are trained to think is a difficult process that may not encompass every possibility.




The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a new baby, just birthed, taking her first breaths in the Garden of Eden. Looking around she finds herself in a physical world. She has no thoughts, her mind is open, she is being nurtured by her parents. She has no mental limitations, she has no concept of who she is or what she can become. She touches the side of her bed, cold, what is that? Someone wraps her up, warmth, that feels better. She has full freedom of expression, unlimited opportunity, and everyone listens to her.


The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a leaderless group dedicated to creating an open society where everyone can move in their own way to heal our social, economic, political and environmental problems. We are committed to Peace, Unity and Carrying a Good Message as brought to our Native American Ancestors by the Great Peacemaker many years ago. We are an open forum where the process of change can focus and expand.

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  1. Rich Woytowich

    I think you offer some good insights.
    I don’t know whether we’re ready to hear them, but it’s good to have them.