TT Logistics meeting minutes

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Think Tank Logistics meeting 15 January 2012.


Attendees: Marie, Evan, Daryl, Cristian, Tim, Courtney, Ingrid, Lily, Emily, Hannah, Nina, Evan (the other),



J17 Occupy Congress

J16 Ed and Empowerment African burial grounds

Mobile think tanks

Working group status

Town square.

J20/21 Courts/FEAST





New left forum



J17 occupy congress

-       Accommodation: Ingrid’s grandmother

-       Schedule: Check Aaron’s email

-       Van, leaving Port Authority at 7 be there at 6:45 at least.

-       Courtney is driving


J16 E&E African burial ground event:

-       Think Tanks in solidarity with E&E events but it has been dropped

-       Details: 10am at the African Burial Grounds.

-       Don’t want to interfere with the PoC teach-in. Emily to contact Alejandro.


Mobile Think Tanks

-       Cristian – report back from Queens GA TT

-       Possible TT at the Brooklyn GA – best way is through a working group.  (meet 3 nights a week – Metrotech, Williamsburg, sunset park

-       Pittsburgh. Still have a camp – sub zero temperatures.

-       Think Tanked the occupy your mind event


Working Group Status

-       someone from Comhub charlotte’s place weds thurs fri 12-2

-       In order to be a wg within the ows structure.

-       Whether or not we stand independent from E&E. Does it make sense to cluster with them or be a subgroup?

-       Also whether or not we’re an operation group – E&E is currently compliant but not an operational group.

-       Spokes is not currently running for WGs in general not just operational.

-        Whether or not we’re part of EE is separate from whether or not we’re compliant.

-       Hannah is going to sort out our compliance.  (mission statement, minutes, attendees)

-       Table the discussion on whether we should be part of education and empowerment. One possibility is to see Education as a cluster relationship.



Town Square:

-       January 29th Washington Square Park, 11-5

-       Organisational meeting: 6:30 weds, 7 Thursday , 60 Wall


Student Debt Event St Peters College, New Jersey

-       Invite to Think Tank



-       Proposal accepted: ¾ people to represent/Think Tank?

-       2 reps to be there at 4:30/ rest starts at 5.

-       Use TT money to cover tickets – $10

-       Possible reps: Hannah, Nina, Marie, Cristian, Tim, Courtney, Ingrid, Lily



-       meeting this week. 7 Thurs. Be great to have as many attendees as possible



New Left Forum:


-       ask for 2 hours to think tank?


Announcement: Looking for footage of police brutality from D17


African Burial Ground: Yay or nay?


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