Town Planning Weekly Meeting 23.Feb.2012

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Town Planning Weekly Meeting




Attendence: Jeffrey, Silviano, Chris B, Robert, Big Chris


  • Tables for OccTwnSqr on 26.Feb (Sunday)
  • Report back from Silivano (Sil) on the functionality of the Indiginatos of the Occupy encampments in Barcelona of 2011. This opens a larger discussion of the similarities of functionality, inclusion, enforcement, etc. between encampments, working groups, projects. Key issues identified:
    • The development of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) encampment, bread down of communal understanding.
    • WGs, Communities, projects that succeed have some sense of barrier-of-entry, or inclusive/exclusive (ie. Tulsa Symphony – must produce music, Tech Ops – must have tech skills, WWOOF – must work to sustain). Groups, communities that have difficulty do not have a core purpose, barrier-of-entry or tother cohesive mechanism (ie. Zuccotti park, Housing, GA).



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