Town Planning Meeting Minutes 3.1.12

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Town Planning Meeting Minutes 3.1.12

Attendance: Sean, Robert, Jeff, Chris, John

Agenda items focus around two items: retreiving property left at Park Slope Church and returning them to SIS, and “best practices” for keeping people taking stuff out of OWS control accountable for the items they are claiming temporary ownership of.
The discussion begins with Park Slope Church and the 30 blankets left there, and the generator to be moved to Lady’s house as per GA approval last thursday.  Both are to be accomplished that day, and planned out by Chris, John, and Jeff working together.

Best Practices suggestion leads to querying how Accounting WG holds others accountable, and the group raises for consensus the question of following those protocols as well for items taken out of SIS that fits within the Town Planning purview of temporary-use OWS property expected to be returned.  The group reaches consensus on following these protocol guidelines for tents and other non-consumables at or above a $100 threshold – we don’t want people having to show an ID for a piece of rope, but do agree that we should be trying to meet higher standards of holding people accountable for the return of property to OWS.  It is agreed, then, that as per the Accounting protocols when people receive money from Accounting after a GA vote, that Jeff will seek to keep a record of this exchange at SIS by taking a copy of Lady’s ID (and, like Accounting, keeping the details of that identity confidential – we have no reason to know it, we simply wish to safeguard the return of the property).

With this decided and beginning to run out of time before the three have to get in a truck and head over to Park Slope, the discussion on that subject is raised.  30 blankets need to be reclaimed to SIS and quite probably cleaned as well, if possible, as most had been in the church since the beginning of the use of that space and thus had seen near-continual use for two months.  It is then noted that another ten blankets / sleeping bags were checked out of SIS by Aaron Black on Tuesday night for the nighttime “reoccupation” sleep-in attempt that snowballed around Anthony, and that these ten blankets are slowly but surely starting to come back.  On that same subject, it was noted by those present for the reoccupation attempt that a probable police provocateur was present, as one individual seemed to be screaming at the police and escalating, and he was no one any of the occupiers had seen before… and the only person of them all not to regroup OR be arrested that evening.  Sean says he will try and see if anyone caught video of that, and keep track of that as well as pass information of it along as appropriate.

Jeff, John and Chris then leave for Park Slope to reclaim these blankets and to acquire the generator to be delivered to Lady’s, and will make blanket kits at SIS for those that can be used immediately.  The question is raised whether there is anything that can be done to increase SIS’s accountability as a whole, as they are not actually keeping a manifest inventory of the items kept there and do not seem to really be tracking items that are being checked out.  It seems to just be a pile of stuff, and that appears to be disconcerting if true.

With the new metrocard policy, consensus is asked for in order for needed recipients to obtain metrocards.  Jeff and John, both present, are consented upon as card recipients from the Town Planning working group.  Daniel, not in attendance, is noted as another individual who needs access to this resource and is a member of the Working Group, and consensus is reached that he too should obtain a metrocard, for a total of three for this week from Town Planning.

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  1. Casper

    HI this Casper From sis I told GA That I will take LADY ID & make a COPY & keep in SIs file & give it to Accounting that they can also keep a file. We just need to get the Stuff now. . If some one can help me that be great.