Town Planning Meeting Minutes 2.9.12

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Town Planning Meeting Minutes 2.9.12

Present: Sean, Jeff, Dylan, Anthony, Chyno

* SIS will be reopening today after a temporary shutdown.  We have been asked to bottom-line a project for Occupy Town Square, and build a ramp for wheelchair access to West Park Church prior to this Saturday’s event; Jeff will be taking the tools for our project out of SIS and up to 86th, and Sean is lending the project $100 for lumber and material costs until Occupy Town Square can refund these costs out of any donations gathered.

* While Jeff is there, he will also try and arrange with the pastor to reclaim the blankets from this church which are not being used.

* The Occupied Office is closing down, and Jeff is going to recruit assistance to help move supplies from the office to SIS for storage.  Chyno and Anthony both agree to help for the next few hours.

* Occupy Farms (point person of contact: Echo) will be claiming the two tents consented upon for their use by GA, and taking them out of SIS prior to their next trip to a farm.

* Occupy Dartmouth previously had consent by GA to claim one tent.  This will presently be claimed in March, rather than right now, due to school being in session and the logistics a little difficult.  Occupy Newark took none of our army tents with their supply acquisition from SIS, and as the remainder was taken in actual funds in-hand it is not anticipated that they will ask for any in the future.

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