Town Planning Meeting Minutes 2.2.12

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Town Planning Meeting Minutes 2.2.12

Present: Sean, Jeff, Daniel, Calvin, Yuri, Allegra

* Tents reportback – all 20 tents released from NYPD custody are packaged for use or transport, confirmed in good working order with all parts present and accounted for.

* Meeting spaces discussion re: Spokes Council – Jeff says he will talk to Max to volunteer our assistance in finding Spokes meeting spaces on a reasonable timeline.

* GA re-attempt at “Tool 2” – Sean is going to bring forward a simplified version of the original Town Planning tool drafted for Spokes by Robert, and present it a second time at GA.  Includes attempted humorous non-realistic example, “Johnny the Homicidal Protestor”, instead of a close-to-home “real” example.

* Office Space idea – Calvin is attending to discuss possible spaces for office work, presuming there is affinity-group funding support for such a project.  Main considerations (after discussion and video!) seem to be commercial spaces willing to offer a sub-let lease, with three properties of major interest: 11 Hanover Street, 39 Broadway, and 2 Wall Street.  Sean is convinced this last option is most relevant, given its presence on Wall Street, despite it having the highest overall price point.

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