Town Planning Meeting Minutes 1.19.12

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Town Planning Minutes 1.19.12

Members present: Sean, Robert, Jeff, Daniel, Chris (, Katherine (

Agenda is set to discuss the pending release of the 20 military tents confiscated by police on 11/15/11, the newly-forming Transportation working group, and possible efforts to probe and query what is “legal” in Zuccotti Park now that the barricades are down.

* Jeff and Daniel will be following through this afternoon with cleanup efforts at SIS, to take an accurate inventory of Town Planning-related materials (rope, tarps, cement-filled buckets, etc.) currently stored in this space.  They are mainly readying the space for the pending release of 10 11×11 and 10 16×16 military tents seized and held as evidence in a major charge against a supporter visiting from another Occupation and driving our tents up on our behalf.  While we may not presently be able to use these items, other Occupations can and have been requesting access, and there is no reason we should lose track of anything when an active inventory can be pursued.

* Daniel then wishes to discuss his recent trip to Occupy DC, which included traveling with The People’s Stage.  Daniel (and Sean) share an interest in probing methodically what is and is not allowed in Zuccotti Park, specifically challenging any contradictory rules and forcing noncompliance without the issuance of a written notice in order to actually get a copy of “the rules” in-hand.  Daniel will be bottom-lining the eventual attempt to bring the stage into Zuccotti Park as part of “Occupy with Culture,” affectionately known as ‘Project Curveball’ in its original inception.

* The question is then asked whether anyone actually knows, specifically and in detail, which physical spaces we are in – there are some squats that are believed to exist but not openly discussed, but then there is also the question of who is using what operations space where and what housing is going to be remaining available now with the pending closure of West Park Church.  Given the potential future development of the Movement, Sean queries whether anyone still has access to the old “master list” of privately-owned public spaces (“POPS”) that had originally circulated the park in mid-October.  Jeff and Robert both state they will try and check in with MICHAEL in regards to this master list.

* The Transportation working group is seeking to form, and propose itself to the General Assembly as a functioning body.  Their googlegroup is OWS-Transportation, and includes several transportation aspects – there has been the potential for donated access to charter buses, but the bulk of the idea has been to gain access to transportation as-needed via Zipcars.  Zipcars are easily accessible from a variety of locations, there is in fact a smartphone app to determine where the nearest available automobile is to your current location, and with a reasonable contract price starting with a $250 prepay set-up ($25 nonrefundable fee to arrange the membership, $225 in usable credit that can afterwards be refilled) zipcars break down to ~$8 per hour, or $70 per day, to access… and the zipcar system covers fuel costs as well via the access card.

The group states their desire to try and make the noon Saturday Transportation WG meeting, or if that is not possible (as it is not, in Sean’s case) to at least attend the Saturday GA where the Working Group will be seeking GA approval as an official Working Group.

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