Together we will change Tomorrow

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Together we will change Tomorrow”

The Vision of the NYC Occupy Wall Street Movement

(with a comparison to the life of the salmon)

The salmon undergo a complete change in their makeup as they become salt water fish. At some point they turn and return to their fresh water home. They lay their eggs on a bed of loose gravel, not on bedrock. Their renewal process is based on a flexible foundation, not a solid one.


A human baby is in a state of openness, wellness and purity, similar to a salmon in fresh water. As we grow older, our minds are filled with all kinds of data, value systems and personal desires, similar to a salmon in salt water. There is a point where we start to question this outside programming, a point of remembering. At this point we turn our lives and devote ourselves to a search for home. We are searching to be heard, searching for support and searching for a flexible cultural structure. Like the salmon there is no storm, no river, no waterfall that will stop our returning.

People of the OWS Movement have sensed a shift in the balance of energy on this planet. We are responding to this change of energy. We sense there is a better way, a better distribution of the earth’s resources and a sustainable future.


People of the OWS Movement are creating the space for this evolution. We can not define your role. We can not name the result. But we are demonstrating the process. The process includes consensus, transparency and love. Our use of Peace, Unity and A Good Message is inspiring people all over the world. We invite you to bring your heart to the table and help us.


Occupy your place in the future

by identifying and occupying

one of the worlds problems today.

Together we will change tomorrow”




Note: I just googled the phrase “Together we will change tomorrow” and it don’t come up. WOW. It is hard to believe that nowhere on the web do these words appear in this order.

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  1. Rich Woytowich

    “Together we will change tomorrow” sounds like a good title for our document!