Timebank Meeting re: Olatuji Farm usurped by Occupy Money Group – “money talks” meeting

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Stephan, Jill, Stan, Ariel OMG cooper.lethem@gmail.com  917 471 3345, Jason S, Cindy Young – CindyJY4Ever@gmai.com ,  Evelyn –



Cindy from food know her


TIDES spoons of OMG 501c3 will provide $ for coops.


Evelyn – So far OWS is not meeting core needs of people.

I sforming little cells.


Stan – She came to him because he works in housing. He knows how to collect info.

Ariel OMG intest primarily in space.


Cindy Young has been there. Ola doesn’t like people to speak for her.


Jason – micro lending women don’t default on loans.

Community Weaver hated by Timebanks. OS Curency




Stephen – OMG develops budget , time allocation, proposal on line form. Goes out to liaison groups to review. Then to advisory board, back to affinity group OMG.


Businesses won’t invest in OWS fund because they don’t trust the process.

Stephan we get recipt for McDonals and a voodoo doll – people are concerned.


$ won’t be allocated to things that won’t move the movement forward. Especailly for businesses that want to give money to us.


Ben and Jerry , Danny Goldberg ( who ran Air America that spawned al franken and Rachael maddow) , Shen .Money is raised through personal contacts. Focused on foudnations side.


Wants to be sure labour doesn’t co=op. Turn it to their own purposes.


Us endorsing any group is dangerous for the movement. Saying solidarity, but are they aligned with us.


Arielle – OWS was a genius brand – we are 99% It’s that energy and that brand. We stand in solidarity but you can’t take that.


Eve – we do have demands and requests.

Jason – focus on ideas that unify.


Stephan – Objective perspective understand needs of donor. 2. Understand opportunity 3. Understand costs  x and $. 4. Determine if this practical.

Neeed structural engineer.


Shen had V Finity

Ben Cohen from ben and jerry George Toros donated to TIDES

Also Tweezer Man and one other man.


Stephen – This is a private group until the time when we establish it’s a project.


Jason S. – I think it’s safe to assume we can get enough time time out of people. We need to know how much pipes cost. Licensed people.


Stephen need legal council. Needs to all be in writing.


Cindy – we need to keep in mind she is older and we need to limit the number of people going up there.




1:00 Ola shows up.


Ola shows tax form for lot 25 26 27 block 2 chicas ateris.?  Owned by Amy B. Otun


She tells us many things. Cries about the suffering of a woman who was whipped.



Ola “ It’s not about stuff, It’s about the people. It’s not about the stuff.”

Stephen invites her to speak at a G.A.


Kelly comes in and promises Ola greens and chicken.



She’ll show us the layout Where her great grandfather had the land 3500 acres. Son in law bought acres. & divded it up.


She has her 10 acres.



Her grand children graduated from Mahari. She hads been at the library for 5 decades.






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