Think Tank Logistics Minutes 5.1.12

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Tea Party


Mobile Think Tank


Occupy Congress


Facilitation list stuff

Move forward on idea about restructuring GA.




Report Back


Outreach cluster:

-       January 29th Pop-up occupation: Will need a think tank contingent.

-       Inter-GA – how to facilitate

-       “Barn-raising project “– doing interviews with different community based organizations/organizers. Process of creating an archive.  Meeting: Tuesday 7:30/8.  Do we want to be involved as a Think Tank?

-       Canvassing – suggested that they can send people to TT.  Going through community organizations/people handing out flyers on subways/going door to door. Canvassing training on Sunday 7 at 60Wall

-       Spokescouncil last night, went well.

-       Previous 2 spokescouncils went less well but we do now have an ‘operational’ spokescouncil.  Spokes are reassessing the definition of SC groups.


Tea Party:

-       MSNBC roundtable.

ACTION: Googledoc the questions



-       get people from the email lists and get them involved in setting up the blog.

-       After each think tank session: Write a paragraph, take a photo and make it into a blog post


Mobile Think Tanks

-       QGA – getting participants of the QGA to facilitate their own TTs.

-       Need a demonstration of solidarity between TT and QGA: need TT people to take a certain amount of lead simply to explain what the mobile TT is – potentially changing facilitators from TT-QGA for the second hour.

-       Report back from Staten Island Ferry Terminal Mobile TT:

-       Proposal to get mobile TTs going as often as possible.

-       Atlantic terminal –

-       Brooklyn has its own Occupy – we should as an act of solidarity contact local GAs before to engage them in doing mobile TTs

-       Flyers.

-       Focusing mobile TTs around transport/transit hubs.  These would be a non-competitive way of engaging many people. Look for hot-spots: Harlem etc

-       Supermarket lots/public libraries

-       Push for permits for this.

-       Additionally we should be at occupy events: J15 at riverside church – candlelit vigil MLK day. 

-       DECISION: Meet Saturday 1pm Times Sq steps/ steps of the MET Sunday

-       Still have 60 Wall TT 3-5


DC action:

-       Cathy has donated an 11 seat van.

-       Goal is to leave on Monday 16th



Spokes and GA

-       imperative to get people to go to Spokes/GA – at least one person.

-       ACTION: Emily will create a schedule.


Separate Facilitation list:

-       can we make the facilitation schedule open to everyone?

-       How do we get recordings from non-logistics facilitators?



Tabled til Sunday


Restructuring the GA:

-       we have something to offer – offering it as a replacement or addendum to the GA

-       Sit down and write about it AND ALSO hold think tanks about the




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