Think Tank Logistics Minutes –3/6 and 3/8

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Logistics Minutes
3/6 and 3/8  (We had one meeting this week to discuss transcriptions, and another one to discuss think tank generally. )

In Attendance on March 6: Emily, Hannah, Christian, Courtney, Ying

This was mostly a clarity-on-summarizing-process party. Here are some notes, questions, and conclusions:

(1) The goal of the transcriptions/summaries is to upload the transcripts on the OWS TT Tumblr. Emily has just shared a Google doc with all of us on how to do this.

(2) One outstanding question is *how* to get the files from the recorders to Aaron. Some people have been good about giving him the files on flash drives. But for those of us who haven’t been as good about that, we have to figure out a better way. For example, Aaron, is it possible for each of us to upload .wav or .mp3 files to the occupythinktank site? Most generally, is there a way to systematize getting files uploaded off the recorders and onto

(3) As Aaron explained in a Feb 11 email, he has already generously uploaded a series of files to the occupythinktank site that need to be summarized. It would be great if each of us could commit (or re-commit) to summarizing 1 file per week, and then uploading them to the Tumblr. I haven’t been doing this, and hereby commit to doing so!

(4) Another question for Aaron: for some reason, it seems some of these files are not accessible for download – 404 error messages.

I think that’s all for now. If others can add things I missed, that would be great!

March 8

In attendance: Courtney, Ingrid, Stan

Discussion of future think tanks & the schedule.  We need to start bringing food soon, since kitchen will be out of money. How will we find this food?  Can we set up a coffee urn at Liberty Plaza?

Ingrid:  “Food for thought.”

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