Think Tank Logistics Minutes 2/23

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In attendance:  Lily, Tim, Courtney, Emily, James, Hannah, Stan, Marie


Stan:  Planning for M17 Day of action, teach-in and memorial service. Lots of stuff happening for 6 month anniversary.  Realizes this is a scheduling conflict with the Left Forum.
Lily: Town Square taking a break on 3/11 weekend to coordinate with other actions and get some rest
Emily:  Mayday meetings, have been consumed with breakout groups, concerned that there hasn’t been enough focus on outreach yet. Presentation this week from immigrant workers
Courtney: This Saturday’s meeting is moved to Sunday due to scheduling thing with Judson
Tim:  Citywide assembly, planning still in the works to bring people in from the boroughs.

Agenda Items

Left Forum –
Tim: We are signed up for 4-6 Friday, 3-5 Saturday & Sunday to have Think Tank style discussions.  If it’s raining we’ll do these times, if not we’ll do lunch hour discussions outside from 2-3 each day.

Courtney:  What’s going on?
Emily:  We are on top of it.  We have receipts from DC and from all the stuff we’ve bought.  We need another recorder, we might apply for more money before Mayday.
Action:  Tim will return the two broken easels and then get back to the group, Emily or someone else will submit receipts to finance

Friday’s Think Tank on Work:  Everything is pretty much in place. Concerns about LOC having their meeting at the same time. We might have another discussion in the same vein on Monday evening.

Public Access TV:
Tim: we have been invited to do a show on Monday at 11:30 p.m.
Courtney:  I don’t know if we have enough people to do this right now, not many can show up at 11:00 p.m.
Hannah:  Take it to the GA, we should be able to find people.
Action:  Tim will get back in touch in a week or two, we can’t put this together in time for this week.

WBAI might have space for us to have a regular think tank radio show.  Generally positive about this. Some concerns about broadcasting to the choir.
Action: Tim will submit the proposal to Tony and see what happens with time slot

What’s going on with the schedule?
We are doing two discussions a week for awhile to condense our energy, since we were sending facilitators to the park and no one was showing up.  We are going to have to do more organization and outreach, schedule topics ahead of time. Just trying this until spring.

Town Square:
We’ll be there Sunday, at Tompkins Square Park.  Topic TBD.
Lily:  Can we think about having TT facilitators at future Town Squares to organize or facilitate larger assemblies?  Everyone: good idea.

We’ll be at Bryant park at 11:00 to have a Think Tank discussion.
Topic:  “You can’t shop your way to a revolution.”

Missing recorder:
We are still missing a recorder.

Facilitation training:  Friday at 4:30.
Action:  Courtney, others will try this and see how it goes, try to recruit more facilitators for spring.

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