Think Tank Logistics Minutes 2/17

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TT  Meeting Minutes
Feb. 14th, 2012


TT Retreat RB (Emily/Tim)
–  Discussed how we want TT to move forward. Proposed that we focus TT activity into 3 main forms – Topical, Process, and Mobile TTs.

Left Forum RB (Tim)
–  We have considerable latitude about when we hold TTs throughout the event.
–  There is some concern that the conference will conflict with events to celebrate the 6 mo anniversary of occupy on March 17th
–  CONSENSUS–We will reserve a room  at the following times: Fri Mar 16th 4-6, Sat Mar 17th 3 – 5, Sun Mar 18th 3 – 5           
–   We will also try to hold TTs in the courtyard at lunchtime (2 – 3), provided it isn’t raining.

Occupy Town Square RB (Tim)
–    Lily is a rock star!! (no surprises there)
–    The day went well. The indoor space made the event more educational and less outreach oriented than the outdoor town sq.

Movement Building RB (Tim)
–   There will be a citywide assembly Apr. 14th.
–    Folks are trying to figure out how to incorporate May Day prep and dialogue with labor groups into the event.
–   There is currently a mission statement being developed.
–    We should try to have a presence there.


Open Forum on Tactics RB
– Courtney and Tim had heard that much of the discussion involved pushing for more aggressive tactics, but not explicitly for tactics that involve violence.
– Perhaps Aaron can say more?

Mobile TT RB (Cristian)
– Last Friday, Occupy Queens held a TT on the topic of “the commons.”
– The location was a point of contention. It was a pedestrian plaza that was recently created by the DOT. Local biz owners have claimed that the diversion of traffic has hurt their businesses.
– Conversation about this will continue Thurs at Langston Hughes library in Corona.


Think Tank Moving Forward (discussion)
– Do we want to continue to hold TTs in the park/60 wall? Often there are very few participants and we have trouble having enough facilitators to fulfill our stated commitments. How can we best respond to the changing needs/structure of the movement?

CONSENSUS: We will pare down the schedule in order to focus on having fewer, but more intentional TTs.

– The new schedule will aim for 3 TTs a week: Two will be recurring TTs at 60 Wall St on Mondays from 6 – 8, Fridays from 5 – 8. The third will be Mobile TTs to be scheduled according to the availability of the facilitator and the contacts that are helping us to organize the TT.

– Monday’s TTs will be topical. For the time being we will try to have an ongoing discussion about tactics within the movement (Aaron announced this at tonight’s GA?)

– Friday’s TTs will be geared towards facilitating dialogue with other working groups (DA, Anarchist Caucus, Facilitation, etc). This may complement the conversations going on at Open Spaces, but we should still preserve our autonomy so that we can respond to requests for TTs on specific issues.

– When planning Mobile TTs, we should be guided by attentiveness to sustainability –  how we can support other occupations in the outer boroughs and elsewhere so that they can eventually hold their own regular TTs, and outreach potential – how holding TTs in particular spaces and in conjunction with particular events can help new people understand and plug into OWS.

– We should aim to have at least 3 TT-ers at each of these events (facilitator, stack taker, scribe who will summarize and post afterward).

– ACTION – Tim will announce our at tomorrow’s spokes (failing this, Courtney will announce at Monday’s spokes)

– We should develop an “outreach kit” (i.e. a google doc with info about how to post on our FB page, NYCGA site, Comhub/info, specific working group contacts, an e-mail list of folks who want to know what TT is up to) so that facilitators can easily promote upcoming TTs by forwarding a single message
to all the relevant people. ACTION – Emily will ask tech talented (Aaron) and super networked (Lily, Hannah) TT-ers to help come up with a system.

Coordinating TT supplies for TTs (recorders, white boards, etc)
–     TT folks should still try their best to coordinate with each other, but additionally, Emily’s office (65 W 11th St, 3rd floor) can serve as a regular             location where facilitators can drop off/pick up materials.
–       ACTION: Brittany will try to track down the mysterious third recorder which seems to have disappeared.

Gentle nudges re:ongoing projects
–       Where are we at with trying to find language to define TT as a mode of Direct
–       Archives/website – Can we each commit to summarizing and posting at least
one TT a week to our website?
Perhaps we should hold a drink tank/archiving party to get a bunch done at once?
–      ACTION – Courtney and Emily will hold a facilitation training an hr before the topical TT on Monday. Can people please forward any names of             people that they think might be interested in attending?

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