Think Tank Logistics Meeting 1/3

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Think Tank Minutes
March 1, 2012


Report Backs:

Pop Up Town Square – (Courtney)
Went really well, 8 times as good as Washington Sq!

May Day Meeting – (Courtney)
– Seems to have turned a corner. It was expressed that breakout groups should start meeting outside of the Weds/Sat M1 meeting structure.
– Mutual Aid will now meet Sun, 4:30 at Tompkins Sq Park. Propaganda will meet Sun at 4, probably at Tompkins Sq, but could be somewhere else.
– The Street Team needs help with flyering and re-pasting posters. Contact Olivia ( from Propoganda if you would like to help.

Last Tues GA (Stan)
– There was a proposal put forth to halt all GA funds except actions. It was tabled.

Spokes Weds (Stan)
– There was a conversation about how to be more responsible with our funds, while allowing the movement to grow. There was an idea proposed by kitchen to try to get food trades or donations rather than buying food.
– Corporate funding for occupy was discussed by Movement Resources Group (MRG). The idea is that Ben, of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream would donate approx $1,000 to open an office that would house an OWS affinity group.
Occupy Queens
– There was a mobile TT this past Saturday. OQ has been trying to use TT as a magnet for the GA with the goal of creating a public forum for neighborhood issues
– The Queens tribune is interested in covering.
Metro Cards
– We get 5 cards per week. Stan will be the point person for this and distribute to TT group members.
Discussion of New TT Schedule
– The Friday TT conflicts with Open Spaces, which is trying to host a series of TT-like discussions.
– Should we go back to the park? It was more conducive to pulling in passers-by, and getting a more diverse group of participants.
– Should we look into having TTs at the Occupalooza that is being planned for August?
– Should we change our Monday TT to Tuesday, so that we can get some pre-GA bodies and energy?

Discussion with Mark from DA about TT-ing upcoming actions

– DA generally does not have enough time during meetings to host in-depth discussions about possible actions. Sunday meetings are 4 hours long, and they have little bit of time for this, but it is geared toward decision making.
– Having TT host discussions might get more “buy-in” from the movement about particular actions, and the role of DA in general.
– What time? DA has meetings on Tues from 5:30 – 7:30. It would be ideal to hold a pre-DA TT in the afternoon, but if we hold a regular TT that early in the day, we might lose potential facilitators.

TT Team, please weigh in on whether or not you would support moving our regular TTs to the following possible times:
Tuesday, 3:30 – 5:30 (pre-DA)
Saturday, 5:00 – 7:00 (pre-GA)
Thursday 5:30 – 7:30 (pre-GA, no DA – would have to move our logistics meeting again)

Once we get a temperature check on a time, we can get back to Mark at to set up TTs

Upcoming TTs

Cancel Friday’s TT because there is only one facilitator and many of us will not be able to make it.
TT Topic for Monday:

“Actions: What’s Worked, What Hasn’t? What Are You Doing for May Day?”
ACTION: Promote! Outreach!

Where are we at with the proposal to record TTs for public access TV? Tim, perhaps you can give an e-mail update?

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