The way of the Warrior a simply overview:

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The way of the Warrior a simply overview:
The way of the warrior is not what most people think it is. It is a path of serving and protecting. The term “Warrior” is often misunderstood.  Sometimes it is just a case of semantics other times it is a romantic concept promoted by the media and entertainment industries. Often the concept of the Warrior is mistaken for a warlord. These two concepts in the mind of some are often interchangeable all the same what I mean personally as a true initiated warrior in my mind these two concepts are worlds apart. The confusion comes from the word “war”. A warlord is a master the warrior is a servant, warlords promote wars warriors end them, warlords wishes to control, be dominant over others, warriors want to liberate the people and all of life. In the way of the warlord their greatest battles are the ones waged against others and for a warrior, their greatest battles are the ones within themselves. Yes they both use fighting arts however warlords use it as their first means of dealing with conflict and warriors use it once all other alternatives to using violence are exhausted.


In cultures where the concept of the warrior developed it was always a person who is rooted in honor and has a true sense of purpose. This concept of a warrior by its very nature is inherently feminine as it mimics the role of a mother. Put plainly no one messes with a mama lion.


The way of the warrior is a spiritual path in that it is a means of understanding and utilizing energy to equalize power, correct injustice, encouraging freedom and help life on earth to continue.


Now to bring the understanding further a warrior should not be confused with being a soldier. Soldiers are conscripted often against their will. Either by law, family/cultural obligation or by economic instability they join or are forced into serving in the armed forces. Warriors are naturally on their path as an inherent innate need or spiritual quest or in most cases both. Further more they chose who or what they wish to serve and can never be forced. We cannot be forced because a true initiated warrior has no fear of death.


For a warrior to have purpose they first need to have a vision. To get a vision one needs to walk the line between life and death. When this journey is accomplished one discovers that there is no line. There is only change and the mystery of death dissolves into the illusion of itself. When one wishes to pursue this path they first start as an initiate. It is similar in the way that a child dies to become an adult. An
initiate needs to die and return to life whole, responsible and thankful for being alive. It is as if they had not lived before, existed only in a dream until they had awakened as a warrior.

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