The purpose of OWS Vision and Goals working group is

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The purpose of OWS Vision and Goals working group is

To establish a platform for creation and development of a future community as we would like it to be.

We see our role as creating a model of a workable, ideal community and working to distribute this model and the ideas that inform it to the community that has coalesced around Occupy Wall Street protest actions.


Any Vision of an ideal society is generated from the positive experiences of living we’ve had in whatever societies are brought up in. Therefore a diversity of perspectives and life experience in the OWS will only, if respected, increase the strength of and enrich the society we can create among ourselves. Thus, rather than brainstorm the solutions by ourselves in isolation, we would like to be directly involved with all of the autonomous clusters to discover the Visions and Goals that are already a part of the movement known as Occupy Wall Street. We see ourselves as facilitators and participants in the kind of social movement where we can all share our talents to benefit each other. To do this, we will outreach to and speak individually with each working group during their working group meetings so their voices have real impact on whatever we create within our group. We will use whatever method is suitable for how the working group wishes to interact with us. This a could a form, an electronically recorded discussion, or simply notes.



We would like our working group discussions to usually, be more freeflowing and syncopated like a

Think tank meeting instead of constricting ourselves to a very formal process. We hope to emphasize a spirit of Inquiry and Dialogue by valuing the questions just as much any potential answers.


What we will do is create a Vision and Goals based on the wishes and ideals of all of us in Occupy wall street.

Vision, is to envision the best world and society we possibly can and to continue to improve that model as our understanding of all the Living systems develops.

Goals is to set detailed, practical, and well timed actions that must occur for the reality of this world to transform itself into the ideal model of our Vision.

One of our goals as a working group within the OWS is to help create a culture of dialogue where ideas from all are passionately and respectfully discussed thereby improving the currency of thought within our Activist community.

Our process can divide into four aspects   Discussion, Creation, and Distribution & Implementation

Discussion happens in-group,  we choose a particular idea, current or future world system, or potential goal and discuss it thoroughly and to everyone’s satisfaction using for now, the Values Based Consensus methods developed by C.T. Butler.

From the understanding we reach once that Discussion has naturally evolved to our satisfaction as a group, we decide whether or not to prepare a document/thought meme/Video or other type of distributable creationfor the OWS & the General public.  This is the Creation aspect.

Distribution and

Finally as a group there is distribution,  which means how we interact with the OWS community either through  Actions, Teach ins,  Info tables, Occupier interviews or Dialouges.

Distribution can be divided conceptually into  dissemination and collection

Dissemination would be how we distribute to OWS and the Global community what our group creates in house & Collection deals with how we collect and organize both OWS and the Global Communities ideas and thinking on the same issue.   This will help improve the quality of discussion and also we hope the dialouge within both OWS community, the other Occupies and the rest of 21st century civilization.  

Dissemination can include Actions, Teach-ins and Dialogues and Info tables
Collection can also include- Actions, Teach-ins and Dialouges, Info Tables, Interviews and discussion.





Implementation- Is actions we as a group or individuals will take to make these goals actually happen.

This process of Agenda, Discussion, Creation, and Distribution&Implementaion  can be loosely visualized as a loop, although in reality all the processes would be in movement simultaneously.


The process will handle
only one Agenda item at a time although if it is clear we can handle it, nothing in the schema prevent’s multiple Agenda threads.


For instance, our working group could be advocating, for environmental actions to end fracking, as well as proposals for alternative economic systems and also human and animal rights being more thoroughly defined and enforced simultaneously. Or we could be focusedon one thread only. It is up to our discretion as a group.

Here is a visual of the proposed process loop, it is designed to focus and direct our dialouges and actions.

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