The 99% Declaration Working Group Minutes 12/30/2011

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Date/Time: 12/30/2011 3:00 PM

Location: Sophie’s Diner

Facilitators (F): NONE


[Note from Minutes: Sophie’s Diner has closed.]



Members present:   Jondean, Lucas, Hudson.

J – The Diner is closed, which I was totally unaware of.  Between this meeting, and the next we should focus on finding a new location to meet that will work for all members.  In addition, we should brainstorm ways to increase membership.  Can I get a temp check?

Both Lucas and Hudson raise hands, indicating they are feeling good about both suggestions.

J – Ok, it is now 3:45 PM, and aditional parties that stated that they would be in attendance, have not arrived.  I move to close the working group meeting.   I feel positive about our first meeting, and feel next weeks will be even better.

9 Responses to “The 99% Declaration Working Group Minutes 12/30/2011”

  1. the99declaration

    Thanks Guys, let’s find a new location for Friday and I will be there. Should we keep it at 3pm? Is there another diner nearby and I will buy you late lunch! Michael

  2. Jondean

    We’re going to be putting our heads together on new locations this week. We should have something well before Friday, to give people lots of notice.

    • Jondean

      There’s Georges Restaurant, and directly accross from it there’s Quality Cafe. There are also several other restaurants on that block, and all are located directly outside of the Buhre Avenue 6 train station. It’s also easy to get to if you’re taking the i95, or the Hutch.

  3. the99declaration

    Okay why don’t we meet at Georges Restaurant 3000 Buhre Ave Bronx, NY 10461 in Pelham Bay at 3pm on Friday, January 6, 2012. I will change the meeting location.