Thank you Denise for stepping up to take minutes! WOW Minutes 11/13/11:

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Agenda items we covered:

Response Letter to Spokes Council

-do we read at GA or at Spokes Council?

-content of letter

Choose Spoke for monday SC

Meeting Times decision

Report Back on march against NYDailyNews coverage of Anti-Semitic car attacks in Brooklyn

Meeting Minutes:

Mel G agreed to be our facilitator, though she suggested we start alternating through other facilitators- so anyone with facilitator training feel free to step up at future meetings!

Mel G proposed we first discuss the letter regarding what happened Spokes Council and whether we should take it as an announcement to the GA or to Spokes Council.

-it was discussed whether or not we should request the man who was disruptive last time to remove himself from the Spokes Council process for a set amount of time, it was also suggested that he write an apology letter.

-next it was proposed that we focus more on the problem of the silencing of oppressed peoples voices at OWS in general, using the instance at Spokes Council as merely one example of larger oppression at hand.

-It was then proposed by Celeste that we discuss actions next.

-Mel B. pointed out a model for planning actions being used by some other working groups where if one has an idea for an action they write out a proposal and bring it in, and those who are interested get involved.

– it was then suggested that we are too small a group to operate under that model.

– another suggestion was made as a possible solution, that we set aside a certain amount of time in each meeting for discussion of actions, issues, problems with oppression we personally have been dealing with, etc.

We then returned to the discussion of the letter pertaining to Spokes Council:

-Eventually consensus was reached that we would take the letter to both the GA and the Spokes Council, and read it at both, as an announcement at GA and at Spokes Council it was decided we would use our right as a Caucus to halt process and make such an announcement when we feel marginalized voices are being oppressed.

-The letter, in its current form was then read, it received many positive up sparkles, and proposed changes were suggested.

-it was suggested that we add in some language about Sexual Harassment

– Larissa suggested we remove the language stating “from which interested participants had been excluded” because we did not have direct proof of the validity of this statement. It was agreed upon to be removed, and was removed.

– The last two paragraphs were proposed to be too repetitive, this is was agreed upon by all, and Tabatha began working on simplifying them.

– Mel G. opposed the use of the word facilitation, feeling it pinned too much of the blame on the facilitators of the Spokes Council. This was agreed upon and the wording was changed.

-it was suggested and agreed upon that we change “most basic principal” or “equally important principal”

– It was suggested we omit the sentence about being victims of sexual abuse/harassment because we should focus less on our victimhood. This was agreed upon and the sentence was edited.

We then moved on to electing a Spoke for Spokes Council tomorrow. However, it seems Spokes Council does not yet have a location tomorrow and may not occur, in which case we can re-address this in the Wednesday meeting.

-We elected me, Denise. Most people said they couldn’t even make the meeting, so if you can come to Spokes Council, and if it is happening, please come! We need a really strong showing if the letter we’ve all worked so hard on is going to have a strong reception! Also, I have already been the Spoke once (not last time, so we are within the rules, and we didn’t get to speak the time I was spoke), and I am totally happy to do it, as I like public speaking, but if someone else wants to do it, feel free to step up. Especially if there is someone who feels extra strongly about the letter as we will be reading it then. We will also be submitting WOW for voting to be a caucus then so please, please everyone come!

Next week discussed meeting times:

– We decided we need to schedule around the People of Color Caucus sunday meetings because right now we overlap and no one from POC can come to WOW.

So, after much discussion we reached consensus to move Sunday meetings to:

Sunday 6PM, 60 Wall Street.

– After checking out the Survey Monkey results, Mel G let us know Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday were the most voted for days, and 6-7 was the most voted for time slot. Thus, we reached consensus to have meetings:

Sunday, 6PM

Wednesday 6-7PM

Thursday 6-7PM

Mel. G then gave us a quick report back on the March in Midwood today protesting the way the NY Daily News blamed Occupy Wall Street for the Anti-Semitic hate crimes that occurred in Brooklyn this weekend.

Larissa then made an announcement that she will be in Montreal friday and would like to carry a message of solidarity from WOW to Occupy Montreal. Mel B. said she could translate, and invited us to send her short messages of solidarity for her to translate and send on to Larissa to share with Occupy Montreal.

We then had a discussion about some possible actions such as:

– gathering a large group of women to link arms outside Planned Parenthood her in Manhattan to sings songs of support for Planned Parenthood.

– staging a counter protest, bringing signs supporting women’s rights to Planned Parenthood on a day when anti-choicers are there with their hateful signs, apparently there are people who protest outside the Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn, and we would stand in front of or around them with pro-choice signs.

And that was the meeting!

See everyone at the Spokes Council Monday!


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