Tech Ops Meeting Minutes 1.25.2012

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Tech Ops Minutes 2-25-2012
Attendance: Owen (translation), Shawn? (Owen’s friend), Matt, Issac, Georgiy, Leia, Greg, Justin (housing), Tom, Sam, Patricia, Dana, Jason C, Drew, Devin, Matt L, Thiago, Dan, Phil (food), Paul (occupy with art)
Reports Backs:
(a handful of these are missing from these minutes)
Anne from Occupy LA  – briefly shared her work with us, black and white photograph book. Asked if it was okay to take portraits of us, and said that she appreciates the work we’re doing.
Drew – I did another training on Mon, & and how they interact. I also did a training with a lot of enthusiastic group admins, good positive feedback coming from that. Look forward to writing up some sort of 3 part report back – already did 1st part. Will hopefully go in to on how to use subblogs on the network. Devin will be doing wiki training at 2 on Mon’s.
Sam – we’ve been working to form a sounding-board group – less technical occupy people that can help us work with FGA, hope this can be part of a much larger feedback process. Dana and I have been invited to Berlin around mid-end of June.
Tom – is looking for PHP devs. the Newark encampment is looking for a mesh network or wireles solution
Issac – I went to the office Mon and moved the tower back to BK, will bring to activist tech demo day
Dana – someome emailed about servers, phones, etc, Devin will help pick stuff up
Devin – been talking to some people in DA and we are going to for the next bigger action, we are going to coordinate training for a dispatch team/using the maps – DA/Tech will come together for this
Matt L – two boring things, donate your account system is done and i reached out to a robot dev, we’d like to to start (pending approval) selling an activist robot – this idea was originally a hoax, but is looking like a real life thing.
activist tech demo day
Drew – if you want to come help show up at noon. email drew if you have something you want to share, make sure it is show-offable. send Drew the info and he will make sure it is designed and printed. we aren’t exactly sure what tech demo day will be. will email info for a work session tomorrow about this.
Dana – Civi
Sam – will show FGA content needs (content meetings Mon at 6pm at 60 wall st)
Patricia – we’re working on, we have a finalized design concept, still things that need to be detailed. next Mon content matrix will be built out, will work as a framework for figure things out.
Devin – hard to describe ows in 140 characters or less, for the content team we’ve kind of form some potential roles, read out to see if anyone is interested. ( – front page manager, monitor livestream, twitter, outside media coverage, writers, editors, researchers, people to identify cool stories. Newswire – curators, summaries, adding documentation for wiki. Richmedia – sourcing images, producing livestream/podcasts, manage consituent relations. Trainings – subdomains, editorial workflow).
tech newsletter
Dana – I want to be able to do this better with Civi – project info/needs/updates, will hopefully set up a way for people to put stuff in the newsletter.
Drew – on the Civi end, I am working on a newsletter template.
space for training/working/living
Dana – this week I reached out for work/training space – we can use CCR fri 5-7 if we want, meeting with Melissa from commons to see how we can use that space
Sam – my clients xxxxxxx? might allow us to work there, possible maybe after 5
Drew – POI tomorrow there will be a meeting about general OWS spaces (spaces conversation, Devin will go)
Devin – there are people wanting to live together and people wanting to work together. on this scale I don’t see why we don’t secure a large space where we can work/live together.
Paul – we’re doing a residency at hyperallergic?, we will have office hours there for people to do trainings. will be cool to have stuff related to art, but can be whatever. We’re doing a project in catskill, NY called wall st to main st (march/may?). contact info –
statement about GA web presence
Matt L – the websites which are owned by the NYCGA to whom Tech Ops reports to, I read articles that say “OWS says this” and reference various websites, etc. I’d like to put somewhere on the website a statement which says something along the lines of “this website is the official represention the NYCGA”
Patricia – It doesn’t say official, people objected to having that word on the website so we agreed to remove it.
Matt L – we should re-open that discussion.
Dana – last week’s tech meeting we kind of agree for the websites that are not only NYC, we would brand more tech rather than NYCGA. other people will get involved more if we don’t brand things from NYC.
Thiago – Matt L seems like he just volunteered for the “learn” page
Matt L – no
Shawn – it should be branded on each page so that people can know
Thaigo – specifics, we use “we are responsible to” because of past stuff
Drew – exactly what websites are we talking about here?
Matt L – this is part of the issue, we want to differentiate between websites that come from NYCGA and outside ones. I would like to be able to point someone to an explicit “this is where this comes from”
Dana – on the interocc IT call a few weeks ago everyone tried to collaborate, get involved page on wiki, trying to syncronize official message a little better
Devin – *reads statement he wrote for, followed by various bickering on specific words
Matt L – can we split this in to two things, something for every page and something more detailed
Patricia – can we discuss this further and come back at another meeting with this topic? agreed upon
project management/tech ops project requirements (devin brought handouts which he went over with the group) – Devin will have proposal this Sun (29th)
Devin – OWS has no way of defining what a project is. I came up with a framework so that you can answer the questions necissary to register a project. I hope that WG’s start sharing details of their projects and start sharing them on a website (WP plugin in the works for this – in staging process).
Drew – I would like to develop this both for Tech Ops and as a more generic template for other groups to use.
Patricia – I don’t see why that should be coming from Tech Ops.
Owen – was thinking about making a webpage for translations for xxxxxxxx document but don’t have the background, this might be helpful.
Phil – I support this, I’d like to see ways for projects to be organized for overlapping WG’s.
Patricia – I oppose this being done generically because we don’t have the info to know what other WG’s projects require.
Thiago – I surprisingly agree with Patricia, would organize information and be good to facilitate newcomers getting involved.

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