Tech Ops Meeting Minutes 02.08.12

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matt – dropped off servers at 33 whitehall – online, doing sysadmin stuff over the next few days to make them production ready.
testing high-def livestream with media
hyperallergic – set up booking system for them
tom – bloombergbucks is ready
moving apps to their own server based on stack
ccr employee wants help w/ her iranians against war with iran group
lady – starting fundraising group, using civi – this is not “fun hub”
dana – civi up and running, need to sort out final status of domain
interocc / international call – global GA  / civi, trying to coordinate with what spain already has
388 atlantic office is ready to go
tuesday night – open tech trainings (maybe for iran group?)
national tech call at 8 – need more coordination between interocc and international
techops google group calendar – use it for 338 Atlantic address
isaac has battery refund money from the GA – allocated but unspent and unneeded
ACTA protest
ravi would like to recognize that there have been some haircuts
first DA / TECH collaboratin meeitng was called, no Tech ppl showed due to late announcement
second meeting – monday at 60 wall
make sure everyone is on the mailing list / google group / access spreadsheet
devin – since office closed we have a pile of unused computers that need homes
jill: charlottes place may have an upstairs space for tech
justin stone-diaz will be putting together a proposal for sharing laptops
isaac – presidents day weekend – colubia U – FNF hackathon
FNF redid their website – launching 2 new networks this spring
one in BK community center, one in detroit
dns caching issues on are a major problem
shawn – mayday page for ows
Job board – exists
Agenda Item: V&G Statement Consensus
V&G Consensus – tabled  read and consent later.
Agenda Item: Handoffs
Devin, Drew and Matt are going to California – hand off responsibilities.
Plan to do outreah.
Don’t be NYC Centric
See if ppl want to build freedom towers
Devins orphaned projects:
Getting content into OWS net (shawn will pick up that meeting)
Needs somebody to park his car
Will be gone about a month
Agenda item May Day site
Shawn – weds + saturday at 6:30 5:30 DA May Day organizating meeings – all DA actions will be to escalate for May Day actions.  Actions / Logistics / Outreach clusters to organzie w/ students, labor, faith, communities.
Meetings getting big turnout.
Needs tech infrastructure.  Loose knit network of websites – need a central OWS call for action hub.
Make the call, have resources, contact info, endorsers –
solicit for contact info, social share?
Action going to GA tomorrow
Will work on this page once we have GA consensus
AGENDA – Terms of Conduct – when will we start enforcing.
final draft not yet posted
need to draft terms + reasons for suspending users + blocking ip
needs to be an enforcement policy
charles has final draft to finish when he returns from brazil
needs to get approal from legal and GA
International day of action this saturday.  nothing planned for ows
do an ACTA event at Occupy Town Hall @ West Park
Draft Statement completed on
try to get it passed as an emergency proposal at the GA
GA Funds
Money allocated to batteries
4 APC batteries from the office unused.
fnf towers need batteries
use for for the tower, or give back
also wants to use funds to reemburse occupier for lost equipment
  • FA – receipt or documentation
Conclusion = Consensus that Isaac should give back money to GA, minus re-embursement pending documentation

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