Sunday 11-27-2011 Meeting Notes

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Thanks to Alan for taking these notes.

Jordan: Locations need to be warehoused. My occupation is occupying the park. I occupy people’s minds. People gave up their lives and jobs in be in OWS.

Kent: Staten Island government-owned land may be used for housing people. Manhattan living quarters was discussed…. from Housing meeting.

Jason Lee: Talk not about housing but food. No soup kitchen, no shelter. Single serving should be served. Cost effective dinner, etc. More action, less talking.

Marlisa: Everyone what do you want the kitchen to be, be responsible to solve problems? We need to feed people who support us.

Nan: Kitchen needs help. Let people help with delivery. I want to step up to help Texas BBQ. I want to get kitchen to grow. Let us communicate for a better organization.

Latisha: 100 dollars was given to me to go to Chinatown to buy vegetables. I was questioned about the money. I am 60 yrs old, offended by asking to show receipts. I know people that took thousands of dollars.

Ben: Sunday meetings can be used to discuss about money, and financial reforms.

Rana: Everyone works hard. People need to be friendly and nice. There is wrong energy. We should speak nicely, kindly to each other.

Bob: Lacking organizational tools. Vehicle transportation list, email list, plan list, text list, phone list.
We can smuggle food into park.

Chip: People not being fed is not our fault. It’s police’s fault for raiding us.

Josh: Put emails into our list. Feed people as humanitarian needs. How do we take steps forward? Everyone needs to support. We need to reconnect with donors. Spring Occupation?

Chip: New people can be on the list. Talk to Alan.

Jason Lee: Reality is people not donating because people are not fed.

Ben: We can schedule finance meeting. Short term, long term goals. Sustainable level of service to keep feeding people. Donation lacking because of lacking of political presence. Donation is for political change. 501C3 status takes 6 months.

Eric Alexander: Orient ourselves to political actions. Help them to get touch with social service to get fed. Too ambiguous. Look for action to ring change. Future action is more important.

Jason Lee: Different idea I have than Eric. It would be an awesome idea to have no politics here.

Jason N: It is time for kitchen to consider to break into two, like GA was too big,and broke into GA and spokes council. For the health of the movement. Separate and equal. Equal distribution to presume equality. Have we fed people tonight?

Marlisa: What is the occupation now? Who are we feeding?

Josh: Should we split into two? Should we vote on feeding the park? Test run to figure out what to do in the next two days? Every day we get calls on what we feed tonight.

Chip: Take stack on brainstorming. Open on proposals on next steps.

Latisha: Why can’t we feed people in the park?

Jason Lee: OWS is scamming for money!

Chip: East NY still opens 3 hrs a day. For Thanksgiving, we bought 1000 containers for single serving food, not sustainable.


Eric A: 1. Intentionally feed spokescouncil. 2. Abandon the park, no meaning.

Marlisa: 1. 1 meal a day. Feed occupiers. Work on long term permanent space, non-profit.
2.Long term projects.

IV: 1. Feed GA, spokescouncil, and serve food in the park.
2. Accept donations in the park.
Josh: Food vendor project can help, local vendors available to the park.

Ronnie: Prepare food at walking distance from the housings, and to the park, at regulated time for people eat.

Ben: I propose to create a system in which where people stay can feed themselves with kitchen resources. Smaller occupations can have their own kitchen with our resources.
(No consensus was reached)

Jason: Proposal—All eat or no one eat.

Ben: 1. Proposal needs more time.
2.Dinner will be served on events connected to OWS.

Casper: Rep of people in housings to prepare food for them. Kitchen can give resources to provide food.
Josh: Don’t think park occupiers will last much longer.

IV: People still send receipts to finance.

Chip: A small part of resources goes to park and housings.

Casper: Kitchen “request form” for asking help with a name for each person in the park or housings.

Latish: We need budget and SIS food to serve lunch in park. Kitchen location 39 Elizabeth st.
(consensus on this proposal)

Ice: 1. Break meetings into 2 parts. Part-1 short term; part-2 long term. Meeting for in-between time and long term.
2.Proposals need logistic info.
3. Nobody starves. Food is action. Find community group to help.

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