summary of topics for 1/4/12 meeting

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Possible Agenda for Wednesday Jan 4, 2012

we’ll probably have to prioritize since this meeting is an hour

  • Brooke Eliazer-Macke can go to the WOW meeting on Wed at 6pm. She may be joined by Katie Robbins, an activist with Health Care for the 99% who is also helping with our action. They’d love a few minutes to fill you ladies in on the morning-after pill action. [or is this a discussion?]
  • FDA
  • Report Backs
  • ???


  • back up locations: Financier Pastries, Killarney Rose Pub on Pearl Street, Whole Foods Union Square, UWS location for nights when SC might be on 86th st?
  • solidarity with women protesters in egypt omits omits reference to this community and, as a caucus that includes female identified and trans men, they should be top of mind for us. The statement was drafted to address a specific event that appeared in the main stream media (MSM).  That does not diminish the situation of all individuals even tho not identified but to not recognize them is an omission that perpetuates some of the social constructs we hope to topple.  Im thinking of ways / actions to take to be further inclusive. Suggestions?
  • logo
  • letters to government officials re: liberty and justice for women and female-bodied individuals.
    • possible next step: someone step up to bottom line a draft
  • media working group:  set a meeting time/place. Separately we should set an agenda.
  • Amendment to the Declaration
    • what should we do next?
    • Ris’ll have a summary of what we did and what we could do next
  • ???
Cedar Street
35 Cedar Street @ 10 Liberty Plaza
(Bet Pearl and William)
New York, NY 10005
Telephone:             (212) 952-3838
Fax: (212) 742-7016
Hours of Operation:
M-F: 7am – 8pm
Sat: 8am – 7pm
Sun: 8am – 6pm

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