Summary of Outreach Committee Meeting Jan 18th

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Meeting attendees: Carolyn Dickie, Katie Robbins, Meir Hamilton, Josh Starcher, Joe Westmoreland, Louis Flores, Sam Connet, Jennifer Roberts, Maureen Miller, Daniel Lugassy

1) Clarify and discuss goals and objectives of the Outreach Committee

This Subcommittee will oversee several different projects but will focus on 1-2 projects at a time given then all in this subcommittee are interested in being involved in several different activities

2) Promotion for *Luxury Condos Can’t Do CPR! A St Vincent’s***

*-Community Assembly hosted by Healthcare for the 99% ***

*-Date/Time: *Tuesday Jan 31st at 6pm

  • -LGBT Center in West Village – 208 W 13th St
  • -OWS Outreach working group will be helping us with promotion and printing of flyers
  • -Louis: Will be creating a banner and will be walking around the village to promote the event on Jan 21st Saturday night
  • -Louis also likely to create a youtube video for event

*Canvassing, postering, flyer handout*

  • -Sign up sheet to get names in area about meeting and then email them to remind, summarize meeting after it occurs and give them option to join HCF99
  • -Danny: Will create a few (3-5 quick) talking points about the meeting to tell people on street
  • -Meir: Sent flyer sent to OWS and hopefully will be printed in next couple days
  • Danny: Will pick up flyer at SIS on Wall Street UFT building

*First Canvassing Event:*

When: Jan 22nd Sunday
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Meet at Joe’s Apt 319 West 14th street, Buzzer #2, between 8&9thAve

  • -Currently attending: Danny, Maureen, Jennifer, Carolyn
  • -Will send out Doodle for others to help out
  • -Joe’s numbers: Cell-
  • -Wear white coats, or other T-shirts, buttons that will identify our involvement in healthcare reform
  • -Group will split up areas round LGBT center and St. Vincent’s
  • -We will have:
  • -Sign up sheet
  • -Tape; clear plastic for pole taping, telephone booth, windows
  • -Push pins,
  • -Joe and others will help insert emails collected into Google doc; with sign up

*Second canvassing event: Sunday Jan 29th, likely same time but details TBD*

  • -Beth Oram; to reach out to Dr. Kaufman and alumni
  • -Danny will draft personal message to past professionals
  • -Katie will addend this for general distribution
  • -NY1 bulletin probably OK and more local news
  • -General Media contact might not be best idea: group agreed to keep away from traditional media coverage for this event

Other Possible Contacts?

  • -Tom Allen to run in local paper
  • -Save our Chinatown

3) General Flyers, promotional materials for HCF99

  • -OWS: Josh update has submitted design to OWS Design
  • -OWS design for t-shirts: OWS design logo
  • -Clothing: Danny sending email to 99% scarf makers
  • -Talked about creating HCF99 Banner, Posters, clothing items
  • -Meir is going to post Event checklist for actions
  • -Josh: Empire Banners may be able to help with producing items
  • -Reusable Posters
  • -11×17 posters
  • -We already have yellow banner with black text
  • Tshirt: silk screen OWS working group might be able to help

4) Flipbook Action

  • Jennifer will work with current phrases and we can send her more ideas
  • We need to PICK 5 Phrases:
  • -First Phrase: Essentially one line ~12 characters
  • -Next Four Phrases: ~12 characters on top line and ~12 characters on bottom line

*Possible Phrases can also use symbols to save space and add effect!*

  • Healthcare for All
  • Healthcare is Human Right
  • Healthcare for the 99% / Not profits for the 1%
  • People Not Profits
  • People Over Profits
  • Medicare for All
  • Healthcare Not Wealthcare
  • Health Not Wealth
  • Health (+) Not $
  • Don’t close our hospitals
  • Hands (image) off our Hospitals
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Inequality makes us sick
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Wall Street Occupies Healthcare / We Occupy Wall Street
  • In US 50k uninsured die yearly
  • We need Lifeline not a Bottomline
  • Wall Street in the black / Patients are in the RED.
  • Private health insurance is like an umbrella that melts in the rain
  • Luxury condos can’t do CPR

5) Discuss other projects Outreach Committee:

  • Info graphic Healthcare disparities in #’s
  • Healthcare number bank
  • GDP graphic

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