Summary Notes/Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve) September 2014-Novemeber 2014

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September 2014-Occu-Evolve and some hey affiliated organizers helped to lead and facilitate S-17 2014(3 Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street) held at Zuccotti Park ‘birthplace’ of movement. During that day A Press Conference and several Teach Ins were held with several themes including the main theme and workshop entitled: ALTERNATIVE MEDIA IS THE NEW MAINSTREAM. Other workshop titles included: Occupy The Environment, Occupy Solutions, End War-Stop Mass Incarceration. The day concluded with a Worker Assembly for the 99% and a March and Speak Out on Wall Street on Federal Hall Steps.

Occu-Evolve along with the Alternative Banking Working Group both participated as the representative contingent of Occupy Wall Street in the Climate Convergence March held on September 21, 2014.

October-Continuing it’s weekly assemblies held every Friday at 60 Wall Street the culmination of these meetings was organizing with the People’s Power Assembly (NY/NJ) for the World Business Forum on October 8th. Successful protest featured a speak out, and march, across street and in front of, event held at Radio City Music Hall. Group also consented to support The Stop Mass Incarceration’s October Month of Resistance. With several actions happening during that month.

October-November-Occu-Evolve consented to support and help facilitate and organize a city-wide solidarity action in support of Low Wage Workers on December 4th beginning at 5pm in the Bronx, NY. Assembly also consented to support, facilitate and help lead actions happening in 2015 on January 20 (Celebration of Life of Dr. King), January 21 (Five Year Anniversary of Citizens United), and January 22nd. Court Support for Ramsey Orta (Documented Murder of Eric Garner by NYPD).

4 Working Committees have now formed to facilitate and organize the work of OE-Including-Environmental Outreach and Action, The Human Rights Committee(which focuses on housing, health care, and education). Democracy and Justice(Which focuses on issues regarding money in, and corruption of the political/decision making process in American Politics as well as Social, Racial and Economic Justice. And The Labor Outreach and Action Group. Group also consented to support actions and speakouts in from of 290 Broadway (where city and state chamber meetings occur and at 26 Wall Street(On the Steps of Federal Hall) every Friday at 5:30pm

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