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Moving forward with the movement… Occupy Newark NJ is the new face for Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Newark Think Tank Discussion February 11, 2012

Present: Chuck N., Nan, Cass Z., Kayla M., Tobias F (via telephone)., Rocky G.(via telephone), Julia M.(via text message)

Nan takes stacks to create a template for the meeting. The topics developed during the think tank topic development were the following five topics:

Moving Forward From Here
Dealing With our Differences
Managing Dissent
Equipment Storage
Changing Encampment Venue

Moving Forward From Here

Cass: good starting point having the meeting here. People are frustrated and discouraged. We need to keep going and move forward as soon as possible. If we mull over this too much, it will be detrimental to the movement. It is depressing to see all that we had (Porta Poty, new tents, canopy) within the last week.

Julia (via text message) You guys rock!

Cass: I think that we should have these think tanks regularly. The think tanks should happen at least once a week.

Nan: What we need to focus on is what we do from here. What should we plan, focus on, what do you want to see from this movement. If you have passion for this movement, you need to put together a plan and move forward with the plans.

It is good to talk in order to understand what we stand for, but it is more important to act on what we talk about. Where do we go from here? We need people that are for this movement that are moving forward.

Julia (via text message) [you guys] should post this to the Facebook page.

Nan: Who can we trust? Who’s going to back us? Who is serious about the movement? These are the things we need to be focused on. We had a wonderful encampment despite [those that took away from the movement].

Rocky(via telephone) I’m all ears.

Tobias (at military park via phone) New York Times his here.

Cass: we will head down there later

Nan: How de we [ascertain] who is serious about the movement? When you come to this Occupy Movement with personal agendas, there will be personality and ideological clashes. We need more unity and our collective actions should match what we talk about.

Tobias: Stack for this Meeting;

Nan: : I believe that Angela did a good job getting the movement going. I met here at SIS and worked with Angela C.. I believe that everyone needs a chance to prove what than are capable of doing for the movement. I showed up on the third week of the Occupancy and was there pushing finance, SIS , networking, and connections, reached out to OWS – putting myself aside for the movement. During my encampment I observed for five days and noticed that there were individuals there for egocentric purposes. I took a step back and removed support. I encouraged Angela to clean up more. The following week, I met Hatari and began to understand how she could compliment some of the efforts Angela was making. Hatari was clearly passionate about Newark and the people of Newark. It started to become a concern that Ms. Campos was not acting in the best interest in the movement. Ms. Campos appeared to have a soft approach to serious problems that could be detrimental to the movement.

Kayla: Clarifying question? What is the topic? This appears to be rather personal.

Nan. If we do not deal with the problems from the past and recent past, we cannot move forward. I am not trying to attack anybody, I’m an observer and if we are to move forward from here, we need to address problems from the past.

Kayla: This is a leaderless movement (Point Of Information). We should not be too concerned with who is in charge or who is doing things. We should work together.

Nan. Angela has recently been showing questionable actions. We need to work together. If we are to continue making progress, we need to be united – “united we stand, divided we fall”. Angela recorded selectively edited video that was detrimental to the entire Occupy Newark Movement.

Tobias (via telephone): This encampment stared out small but saw many people walk away due to the serious issues that went on at the encampment. I don’t recall any stable social system that existed at the encampment such as the people’s library, the medic center, the food tent.

Cass: things flew by night with no direction

Tobias: We need a mission statement and real direction. Things may be too chaotic. We lost support from two major activist groups in the city. We can not tolerate violence. Also, people coming from outside the city of Newark need to be educated about the History of Newark. We need to take a couple of steps back and figure out where things are going on. We blew ten thousand dollars on foolishness. Damian the electrical engineer was ready to help us with a solar panel that would have benefited the encampment.

Cass: well put.

Nan. Anyone else for the stack?

Nan. Dealing with our differences is the next topic

Cass: I am impressed that we are so diverse. Looking around the room right now indicates that we are very diverse. It is good in that diversity of people brings diversity of experiences, backgrounds, ideas and cultures. However, we tend to focus on weakness instead of similarities at times. There was major distraction and dissention when a heated discussion (with press present) took place when sensitive race issue was brought up. We should discuss these issues in meetings, working groups and general social interactions and not the public General Assemblies. If and when we do gather again, we need to have a work group about dealing with our differences. The fact is that differences can unite or divide. We have proven that “United We Stand, and Divide We Fall” Human nature works to united different ideas and different backgrounds.

Nan: Anybody else want to be on stack for this topic?

Nan: Managing Dissent is the next topic

Chuck: defined dissent [ to be continued ]

Nan. How do we deal with people that are deliberately sent in to disrupt this movement? How do we deal with those paid to disrupt the movement or just don’t care about the movement.

Cass: how do we deal wit them?

Chuck: We have to define what we all collectively consider a dissenter so that we could deal with them.

Tobias: (via telephone informed news of the passing of Whitney Houston)

Nan: How do we deal with people like Angela Campos who pretends to start this movement but was paid to use this encampment as a front for the selling of illegal drugs? How do we deal with this?

Chuck: Drug use if a pervasive problem in the United States. In fact, it is a global problem that needs a separate think tank discussion in order to seriously address the problem. We should not tolerate blatant illegal activity that may be detrimental to the progress of the Occupy Movement. There are many people who are genuinely here to continue the dialogue that was started with the democratic awakenings in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, New York and New Jersey. I believe that a group of no less than twelve people should discuss any such accusations with the alleged suspect of illegal activity present.

Nan: Should we move to the next topic? (yes)

Equipment Storage

(table agenda fore equipment storage) there are others storing equipment.

Cass: I added storage to the agenda because we are supposed to be out of the park Now (8:45pm Feb 11). Tabling it for a different discussion is good, but we need to deal with the removal. I refuse to be associated with the destruction of thousands of dollars of property. Eric was putting everything into a pile of trash

Chuck: Could we table that so that we could finish removing the final pieces of equipment from the park?

Nan: All Twinkle up if meeting adjourned? (yes)

Nan. We tabled the last items on the agenda

Cass> Should we schedule the next think tank meeting?

All: Yes

Cass: February 12 @ 7-pm.

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