Strong Women Rules Working Group Mission Statement

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Strong Women Rules Working Group Constitution Statement:

The Constitution Statement of the Occupy movement, namely “ We are the 99%,

will not ever be altered. Any proposal or Amendment which conflicts with,

contest, or contradicts this constitutional statement will be rendered null and void.

Any statement that we are not inclusive of any portion of the 99% means that we are, in fact a

smaller percentage from 98% to 91% to 76% to 43% to 26% the inevitable trajectory of this thinking leads to “ We are the 1%” if we do not want to soon resemble the very powers against which we are currently reveling,we must ensure that the opportunity to negotiate away the integrity of our founding

vision is not available to entice us into compromising our ideals.


In this World there are three thing that does not make any excused nor excluded any beings, those very things does not care about your skin colors nor genders of any flesh, nor any race of cultures:there are: Birth, Sickness and Death earn from passed,change the present set example in the now ready for the future.

We are in Solidarity with the Working Group’s, Organizations and “People” around the world, along with in this Country in order to improve a systems that is fallen and extremely unfair.

The Injustice the systems brought to the Citizens of this World and around the World is the deepest sadness that indeed have been cut deep down inside any human soul.

Make a stand in this Century or be ready to lose every good things and wonderful that you known and have seeing with your own eyes. If you think it cannot happen to you, please think again.


A woman mind is a like precious pure pearl diamond that’s so polish’s its shine like the brightest stars in this galaxy of this big world of this Universe that we call home.

      • We believes in Feminist powers
      • We are strong and live strong
      • Heck if we can carry a baby inside of our belly for nine month’s than push that baby out in the baby carnal, how much stronger can “we” be?
      • We are Women that see things completely different from the opposite sex.
      • We empower women to be strong: stay strong, leave strong and eat strong in a world that tried so hard to keep us silences.
      • We train Women to think outside society and this World box of manipulations
      • We Educated women to take a stand, voice their concern, fight for their rights and stand for their freedoms at any cost.
      • We show Women they do not have to settle for less or be less because of “ saying-so”
      • We open our arms and our loves to any sisters that need it, and any brothers that ask of it.
      • We do not discriminate because society “ say-so”
      • We do not make any excused for being a Women
      • PMS love us so much that is one of the reason why we love to bless you with our attitude present
      • Mani-pause is because of you, so get over yourself
      • our new model is like a bring new car, we are Women, We are proud and We are here

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