Sporatic meeting Minutes Friday 5:30 pm 3-9-12

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Sporadic meeting Minutes Friday 5:30 pm 3-9-12

In attendance: Yuri, Raven, Dj, Tim,Shadow,Chris B. Brian, Lauren, Mark

Report backs…
Raven, Yuri At Cools most of the week.. Yuri doing wireworks, Raven Canvancing and outreach
Tim @ Sidewalk cafe
Lauren getting keybaord and doing wire jewery


METRO CARDS: Yuri Proposes that as on next week being the LAST week (or so we hear) that ANYONE is getting metro cards from ows the fund hub start massively spanging, canvasing, and work our asses off to raise a proposed 400+ $ a month for MONTHLY METRO”S to make meetings and events…

This includes:
~Making at least 1 meeting a week…
~Coming up with IDEAS to help the group make $
~Giving steady report backs
~Leafing & Canvasing
~Preparing for/Being @ Actions
  Between all the necessities being listed and twinkled by everyone BUT Mark, Mark continued to interupt stack saying he shouldn’t have to work to get a metro card and basically Blocked everything being proposed and said…
after nearly an hour of Mark going Back and forth with Lauren, Yuri, Raven and after having everything spelled out did mark conceded and proposal met a consensus

Tim proposed a fundraising concert.. idea was met with twinkles –> Tim and Shadow will look at spaces & artists/bands

Tim also proposes a game night and possible Magic/D&D a thon/tournament  PRIZES too ~ twinkles

A possible BIKE-A-Thon sponsored by local biz and Ben & Jerry’s?  -Brian will spearhead

86th comedy/concert now just a Fund Hub event since OWPC *Occupy west-park co-op* is trying to steal idea for themselves and bottom line so that fund hub makes no cut…
Yuri, Raven in talkes with pastor and church staff.. OWPC may get 20-35% For member rent catch up since OWPC insists on doing security… trying to schedule for April 6th

Word of a 1% fundraiser event @ Waldorf Hotel @ 11:30Am Wednesday… Lets Occupy that and Do A Spontaneous Pop-Up on the 1% and try to raise funds not only for OWS but WorkGroup as well

MARK started up about metro cards and meeting fell apart…

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